Stir fry to pad Thai: 31 delicious Asian dinners to make tonight

Are you tired of choosing between boring, labor-intensive meals or expensive takeout? These 29 quick and easy Asian dinners will change everything. From classic pork fried rice to crispy beef and shrimp yakisoba, they’re packed with flavor and simple enough to make on even the busiest of weeknights.

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung pao chicken in a striped bowl with rice.
Kung Pao Chicken. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

This kung pao chicken is just like what you get at your favorite Chinese takeout restaurant. Tender bits of chicken, crunchy peanuts, a salty-sweet sauce, and a hit of spice all come together to make one delicious dish.
Grab the Recipe: Kung Pao Chicken

Spicy Miso Ramen

Spicy Miso Ramen is rich and full of flavor. Top it with crunchy Chicken Karaage or Japanese Fried Chicken, sautéed kale, and a perfectly cooked soft-boiled ramen egg for a quick, belly-filling, soul-soothing meal.
Grab the Recipe: Spicy Miso Ramen

Crispy Beef

Low angle shot of crispy beef on a plate.
Crispy Beef. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Crispy Chilli Beef is one of my favorite Chinese restaurant dishes—strips of tender beef are fried until crispy and then tossed in a sticky, sweet, spicy sauce. It’s easy to make at home, and no deep fryer is needed!
Grab the Recipe: Crispy Beef

Mongolian Chicken

Mongolian Chicken, like its sibling Mongolian Beef, is a restaurant favorite, and for good reason. Tender chicken pieces are fried to a golden-brown crisp and then tossed in a sweet-savory, gingery hoisin-based sauce studded with fresh green onions.
Grab the Recipe: Mongolian Chicken

Singapore Noodles

Singapore noodles with pork and shrimp.
Singapore Noodles. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Singapore Rice Noodles are delicious—seasoned with curry powder. and studded with sliced Char Siu or Chinese Roast Pork, prawns, julienned carrots, thinly sliced onions, and scrambled eggs.
Grab the Recipe: Singaopore Noodles

Pork Fried Rice

I love using leftover Char Siu (or any delicious pork) to make Pork Fried Rice! It’s a great way to use up leftover bits and turn them into a delicious meal in minutes.
Grab the Recipe: Pork Fried Rice

Beef Bulgogi Bowls

Beef bulgogi in a bowl with rice, cucumbers, cilantro and chopsticks.
Beef Bulgogi. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

This Beef Bulgogi Bowl recipe makes a delicious one-bowl meal. It’s a super easy weeknight dinner, featuring marinated, thin slices of tender beef cooked on a barbecue, griddle, or skillet and served over a bed of rice.
Grab the Recipe: Beef Bulgogi Bowls

Veggie Pad Thai

This veggie Pad Thai is delicious and easy to make. Rice noodles are quickly stir-fried with classic Thai seasonings (including vegan fish sauce!), bean sprouts, and fried tofu.
Grab the Recipe: Veggie Pad Thai

Thai Pumpkin Curry

Overhead shot of a white pot with Thai pumpkin curry.
Thai Pumpkin Curry. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

This Thai Pumpkin Curry Soup is a delicious and satisfying meal that takes just 25 minutes to make. Thai curry paste and rich, creamy coconut milk add layers of flavor.
Grab the Recipe: Thai Pumpkin Curry

Thai Turkey Meatballs

Thai Turkey Meatballs in Red Curry Sauce are super quick and easy to make. They’re baked in the oven, which is way easier than browning them in a skillet.They make a popular appetizer and are also great for dinner, served with the sauce over rice with some steamed or roasted veggies on the side.
Grab the Recipe: Thai Turkey Meatballs

Tandoori Chicken

A plate of tandoori chicken with a side dish of cooked rice, shot from a low angle.
Tandoori Chicken. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

This tandoori chicken recipe is full of flavor, and easy, too! You can cook your tandoori chicken in the oven, on the grill, or even in your air fryer.
Grab the Recipe: Tandoori Chicken

Pad Kee Mao with Chicken

Drunken Noodles or Pad Kee Mao are great for late night munchies, a satisfying meal, or even as a hangover cure! Flat rice noodles are stir fried with a savory sauce, spicy chiles, Thai basil, vegetables, and chicken.
Grab the Recipe: Pad Kee Mao with Chicken

Szechuan Shrimp

Szechuan Shrimp in a pan with a serving spoon.
Szechuan Shrimp. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Spicy Szechuan Shrimp is one of my favorite Chinese dishes to make at home. It’s easy to make and delicious. Hot bean paste, chili oil, and Szechuan peppercorns give it a kick!
Grab the Recipe: Szechuan Shrimp

Thai Peanut Sauce Noodles

overhead shot of a bowl of noodles with vegetables and thai peanut sauce.
Thai Peanut Sauce Noodles. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Thai Peanut Sauce Noodles is a dish I could eat every day and never get tired of it. It’s a quick, easy, delicious vegetarian meal with tons of spicy Thai flavor.
Grab the Recipe: Thai Peanut Sauce Noodles

Pancit Bihon

Pancit bihon with chopsticks.
Pancit Bihon. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Pancit Bihon is an irresistible Filipino recipe that’s easy to make and delivers traditional Filipino flavor. Perfectly chewy rice noodles are stir-fried with chicken and veggies, then seasoned with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and other seasonings. It’s quick to make and full of delicious flavor!
Grab the Recipe: Pancit Bihon

Ramen Fried Chicken

Hand reaching into a bowl of ramen fried chicken pieces.
Ramen Fried Chicken. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Crispy Ramen Fried Chicken is double fried to crispy, crunchy perfection like classic Korean Fried Chicken, but with the extra crunch of noodles in the batter. Delicious!
Grab the Recipe: Ramen Fried Chicken

Chicken Hot and Sour Soup

Chicken Hot and Sour Soup starts with a rich, tangy, spicy broth. Then it’s filled with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tender chicken, tofu, and ribbons of egg. It’s seriously nutritious and seriously delicious.
Grab the Recipe: Chicken Hot and Sour Soup

Gochujang Chicken

Gochujang chicken is a delicious Korean recipe featuring the fermented red chile paste that is spicy and full of umami. This spicy Korean chicken recipe is easy to make either on the barbecue grill or in a grill pan on the stovetop.
Grab the Recipe: Gochujang Chicken

Thai Chicken Curry

Thai chicken curry in a striped bowl with basil and lime wedges.
Thai Chicken Curry. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

This Thai Chicken Curry is so good! I love how easy it is to make and that you can use whatever veggies you have on hand! It’s so delicious and can be made either on the stovetop or in the Instant Pot.
Grab the Recipe: Thai Chicken Curry

Chicken Karaage

Everyone loves my Chicken Karaage. Golden brown, tender and juicy chicken pieces are full of flavor, and extra crispy on the outside.
Grab the Recipe: Chicken Karaage

Beef Yakisoba

Beef Yakisoba combines tender beef, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, onions, and scallions with chewy noodles and a savory-sweet yakisoba sauce. It’s a delicious meal that’s quick to make!
Grab the Recipe: Beef Yakisoba

Chicken Pakora

Low angle shot of chicken pakora on a plate with a green napkin.
Chicken Pakora. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Chicken Pakora—crunchy fried chicken pieces with ginger, garlic, ground chile, and chaat masala coated in a chickpea flour (besan) batter—are an easy appetizer and they’re so good!
Grab the Recipe: Chicken Pakora

Dan Dan Noodles

Dan dan noodles with bok choy in a white bowl with chopsticks.
Dan Dan Noodles. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

These famously mouth-numbing Chinese noodles are utterly irresistible for spicy food lovers. The recipe is easy to make at home, too!
Grab the recipe: Dan Dan Noodles

Thai Chicken Satay

Thai Satay Chicken is loaded with authentic flavors like turmeric, lemongrass, chiles, and fish sauce. A rich and spicy Thai Peanut Sauce is perfect for dipping.
Grab the Recipe: Thai Chicken Satay

Miso Glazed Salmon

Miso Glazed Salmon for Two is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It only has a few ingredients but is big on taste.
Grab the Recipe: Miso Glazed Salmon

Chicken Curry Laksa

laksa in a white bowl.

Spicy chicken curry Laksa is the stuff dreams are made of. What’s more enticing than a steamy bowl of rich, spicy soup with layers of flavor, chunks of chicken, and tender rice noodles?
Grab the Recipe: Chicken Curry Laksa

Gochujang Noodles

Gochujang noodles in a skillet with chopsticks.
Gochujang Noodles. Photo credit: Robin Donovan.

Gochujang Noodles are so full of flavor, you won’t be able to stop eating them. Imagine chewy noodles bathed in a rich and creamy, spicy, savory sauce studded with tender greens and meaty sliced mushrooms.
Grab the Recipe: Gochujang Noodles

Shrimp Yakisoba

This Shrimp Yakisoba is flavorful and light, and cooks in minutes. The noodles are studded with plump shrimp and tender vegetables and tossed in a savory-sweet sauce. It’s an easy and delicious weeknight meal.
Grab the Recipe: Shrimp Yakisoba

Kerala Fish Curry

Fish curry in an earthenware baking dish.
Kerala Fish Curry. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Kerala Fish Curry combines flaky fish with a flavorful sauce made from earthy and fiery spices and rich coconut milk.
Grab the Recipe: Kerala Fish Curry

Chicken Kathi Rolls

Low angle shot of 3 chicken kathi rolls wrapped in foil on a wooden plate with fresh mint leaves.
Chicken Kathi Rolls. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Chicken kathi rolls are a popular Indian street food. Tender chicken thigh meat is marinated in yogurt and spices and then pan-seared,  wrapped in soft roti and topped with savory chutney, seasoned red onions, and fresh herbs
Grab the Recipe: Chicken Kathi Rolls

Sweet and Sour Tofu

low angle shot of a bowl of sweet and sour tofu.
Sweet and Sour Tofu. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Sweet and Sour Tofu perfectly balances sweet and savory flavors with crispy tofu. It’s a delicious vegetarian takeout classic that is easy to make at home. In just 30 minutes, you can have your favorite vegan Chinese takeout meal.
Grab the Recipe: Sweet and Sour Tofu

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