7 Comforting Carby Breakfast Ideas For A Cozy Morning

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Start your day off right with these comforting carby breakfast ideas that are sure to make your morning extra cozy. Enjoy the flavors of warm, fluffy pancakes, waffles, french toast, and more! These indulgent breakfast recipes are perfect for a lazy weekend morning or when you need a little comfort food.

Air Fryer French Toast for One

Air Fryer French Toast
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One of the best things about using an air fryer for French toast is that it takes minimal effort. Within minutes, you’ll have a delicious, golden-brown breakfast that you can enjoy at home.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer French Toast for One

Single Serving Waffle Recipe For One

Belgium waffle for one with butter and blueberries.
Photo credit: Little Bit Recipes

Who doesn’t love a big fluffy waffle? This single-serving waffle recipe is the perfect way to get your fix without leftovers. Just mix up the batter, pour it into your preheated waffle iron, and enjoy!
Get the Recipe: Single Serving Waffle Recipe For One

Small Batch Cinnamon Rolls

Small-batch cinnamon rolls.
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For a cozy morning treat, give this small-batch cinnamon rolls recipe a try. The sweet rolls are made with only a few simple ingredients and take minimal effort to create.
Get the Recipe: Small Batch Cinnamon Rolls

Pancake in a Mug Single Serving Cake

Pancake in a Mug
Photo credit: Little Bit Recipes

Do you love pancakes but hate the mess that comes with making them? If so, then this single serving pancake in a mug is the perfect recipe for you!
Get the Recipe: Pancake in a Mug Single Serving Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Overnight Oats

Cookie Dough Overnight Oats
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A jar of sweet chocolate chip cookie dough overnight oats is the perfect combination of health and indulgence! This easy-to-make breakfast treat offers a delicious way to start your morning off on the right foot.
Get the Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Overnight Oats 

Single-Serve Baked Oatmeal for One

Single-Serve Baked Oatmeal
Photo credit: Little Bit Recipes

This simple recipe for single-serve baked oatmeal is perfect for busy mornings or when you’re on the go. It only takes minutes to prepare and can be customized with your favorite fruits, nuts, and spices.
Get the Recipe: Single-Serve Baked Oatmeal for One

Sheet Pan Pancakes from Mix

Sheet pan pancakes stack with syrup.
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Your breakfast will be a lot easier when you make sheet pan pancakes from a mix! This convenient alternative to traditional pancakes gives you all the flavor, without any of the hassles.
Get the Recipe: Sheet Pan Pancakes from Mix

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