Ditch City Living: The Homesteading Beginners Survival Kit

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Eager to ditch city living, get a few goats, and start a huge vegetable garden? Better ead this before you order laying hens and trade in your Honda Civic for a pickup!

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What is Homesteading. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

Best Homesteading Books for Beginners

Looking for some inspiration and practical advice for homesteaders? Here’s a great big list of books to review.

These titles cover everything from canning and preserving to raising homestead animals and gardening. Perfect for rainy day reading time.

Best Homestead Kitchen Tools

Step up your homesteading game with the right kitchen equipment.

Whether an ambitious beginner or a seasoned pro, you need a well-stocked kitchen for a happy and successful homesteading journey. Yet with so many kitchen tools on the market, it can be hard to know where to start.

We’ve narrowed it down to the seven must-have homestead kitchen tools for any serious homesteader. From baking and canning to cooking and preserving, get ready to elevate your homestead kitchen to new heights!

How to Make Money Homesteading

Selling apples and eggs may bring in a few extra dollars each week, yet today’s homesteaders support their families in many unique ways. Discover how to make money homesteading today.

McIntosh apples in a wicker basket.
How to Make Money Homesteading. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life

What is Homesteading?

If you’re intrigued by moving to the country to try homesteading, here’s the perfect resource for getting started. Discover the fascinating history of homesteading, unravel the definition of homesteading in America and the top ten things to do to get started.

Apartment Homesteading

Homesteading is a state of mind. And maybe your current job, family responsibilities, or financial constraints mean you don’t have a few acres or a backyard.

Don’t despair – start homesteading in your apartment. Dive into this resource full of all the information you need to begin pursuing a homesteading lifestyle right in your city apartment.

Herbs in a white pot.
Apartment Homesteading. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

Backyard Homesteading

You don’t need to live rurally to start growing your food, raising chickens, or becoming more self-sufficient. Discover how to begin backyard homesteading this weekend with a few helpful tips and practical advice.

How to Find Homestead Land

You’re dreaming of your own 40 acres but don’t know how to find the land to make your homestead dreams a reality. Learn what to look for, where, and the common pitfalls to avoid when buying land for a homestead.

How to Finance Your Homestead

Establishing a family homestead means buying property. Yet if you don’t have the money to pay cash, don’t despair. Learn about the different ways homesteading beginners can finance the purchase of homestead property and what to watch for.

Homestead Budgeting

Maybe you’re a newcomer to the world of homesteading. Or maybe you have an established homestead, and you’re working diligently to realize your dreams on a tight budget.

Whatever the case, one thing’s clear: how you handle your finances will shape your homesteading experience.

That’s why creating a homestead budget is essential. It’s the best way to boost your readiness and increase your odds of success as a homesteader. Learn what to include and how to set up your homestead budget today.

Seven dozen farm fresh eggs in cartons.
Homestead Budgeting. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

Homestead Meats

What animals should you raise for meat on your homestead? While this depends on several factors, these are the five best low-cost and low-effort homestead meat to produce.

More Ways to Start Homesteading

Don’t let lack of space or money stop you from getting started homesteading. There are many different ways to begin as a homesteader. Use these additional homestead hacks to inspire your first steps.

Homemade spruce tip salt in a mason jar, farm fresh eggs in carton, and wooden banded bowl on wooden counter.
Ways to Start Homesteading. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

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