Brine and dine: Top 10 fermenting supplies

Fermentation, a time-tested culinary art, offers numerous health benefits and impacts the flavor of food and beverages.

Whether you plan to start fermenting vegetables, fruit or other things at home improve your chances of success by choosing quality fermenting supplies.

A good thermometer is essential to maintain the correct temperature throughout fermentation. Too hot or too cold can mess with bacterial growth and ruin your results.

Fermenting food helps to boost its nutritional value while dissolving less digestible components.Yogurt, pickles, kimchi and kombucha are examples of fermented foods.

Measuring cups, spoons and kitchen scales help to get precise measurements when fermenting food at home.

Monitoring pH levels is critical during fermentation because pH levels impact flavor and safety. pH test strips help ensure acidity is high enough to keep harmful bacteria away.

As with most other new skills, fermenting takes time to master. You might encounter some bumps as you learn how to ferment foods at home.

Learn more with our curated list of top 10 fermenting supplies, tips and FAQs to prepare for your first fermentation adventures.