Mastering Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour

A blend of gluten-free flours and starches that mimics wheat flour for baking. Allows you to bake gluten-free versions of baked goods.

What is Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour?

Rice flour  Potato starch Tapioca starch Xanthan gum

Common Ingredients

Gluten-free flour mixes provide structure without gluten

Add xanthan gum Increase liquids Let batter rest Avoid overmixing Use proper pans Adjust cook times/temps

Baking Tips for Best Results with Gluten-Free Flour

Ingredient ratios impact the taste and texture. Avoid chickpea flour for delicate baked goods.

Always Check the Ingredient List

Use a kitchen scale to prevent dense or dry results. Gluten-free flours need precise measurements.

Measure Accurately

Let doughs and batters rest for 30 mins before baking for improved texture.

Allow Time for Hydration

Cookies, cakes, muffins, breads, pancakes, pizza dough. Get creative!

Gluten-Free Baking Recipes to Try

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