50 Labor Day side dishes: because burgers need friends, too

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So, you’ve mastered the grill and now it’s time to become a legend of the side dish. This Labor Day, we’ve got 50 side dishes that are so good, they just might steal the spotlight from your grilled meats. From tangy coleslaws to buttery grilled corn, these sides are the unsung heroes that deserve a standing ovation. Get ready to up your BBQ game and make this Labor Day unforgettable!

A person using a wooden spoon to stir a bowl of rice.
Dutch oven mac and cheese. Photo Credit: Girl Carnivore.

Smoked Baked Beans

Tray of smoked baked beans.
Smoked Baked Beans. Photo credit: Girl Carnivore.

Make your Labor Day BBQ unforgettable with Smoked Baked Beans. Enhanced with smoky flavors and loaded with pulled pork, it’s a true American classic that complements your grilled mains like no other. Best part? It’s simple to prepare, leaving you more time to enjoy the holiday.
Get the Recipe: Smoked Baked Beans

Smoked Mac and Cheese

Skillet of golden smoked mac and cheese.
Smoked Mac and Cheese. Photo credit: Girl Carnivore.

Craving comfort food but with a twist? Our Smoked Mac and Cheese delivers creamy goodness infused with a smoky depth. It’s the ultimate side for your Labor Day feast and elevates the whole concept of mac and cheese.
Get the Recipe: Smoked Mac and Cheese

Smoked Corn on the Cob

Smoked Corn on the cob
Smoked Corn on the cob. Photo credit: Girl Carnivore.

This isn’t your regular corn on the cob. Our Smoked Corn offers a smoky flair to the classic Elotes, making it a BBQ game changer. Try it once, and you’ll never go back to boiling corn. Ideal for any Labor Day gathering.
Get the Recipe: Smoked Corn on the Cob

Grilled Artichokes

Grilled Artichokes. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

Want to impress without the stress? Our Grilled Artichokes come with a built-in lemony butter sauce that flavors the heart while adding a smoky char to the leaves. Sophisticated yet simple, they’re a must-have side dish for your Labor Day spread.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Artichokes

Smoked Potato Salad

Smoked Potato Salad.
Smoked Potato Salad. Photo credit: Girl Carnivore

Leave bland potato salads behind and opt for our Smoked Potato Salad this Labor Day. Creamy, smoky, and bursting with flavor, it’s the side dish that has it all and pairs perfectly with any grilled meat.
Get the Recipe: Smoked Potato Salad

Twice Smoked Brisket BBQ Beans

A skillet filled with beans and onions.
Twice smoked baked beans. Photo Credit: Girl Carnivore.

New to BBQ? Our Twice Smoked Brisket BBQ Beans are beginner-friendly and loaded with tender brisket pieces. They offer complexity and depth that will make your Labor Day BBQ lineup unforgettable.
Get the Recipe: Twice Smoked Brisket BBQ Beans

Tabbouleh Salad with Feta

Close up overhead of tabbouleh salad with feta.
Tabbouleh Salad with Feta. Photo credit: At the Immigrant’s Table.

Light and refreshing, our Tabbouleh Salad with Feta is a palate-cleansing side that complements heavier BBQ dishes. The mix of nutty bulgur, tangy feta, and fresh herbs creates a perfect balance, making it a top choice for your Labor Day get-together.
Get the Recipe: Tabbouleh Salad with Feta

Dutch Oven Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese in a pot with a wooden spoon.
Dutch oven mac and cheese. Photo Credit: Girl Carnivore.

Dutch Oven Mac and Cheese isn’t just for camping. Its creamy texture and rich flavors make it a Labor Day must-have. Easy to prepare and even easier to devour, it’ll quickly become your go-to comfort food side.
Get the Recipe: Dutch Oven Mac and Cheese

Easy Smoked Baked Potato

Baked potatoes topped with sour cream and chives.
Smoked Baked Potatoes. Photo Credit: Girl Carnivore.

Simplify your Labor Day menu with Easy Smoked Baked Potatoes. Throw them on the Traeger grill and let the smoky flavors do the work. They’re the versatile side dish that complements everything from ribs to roast.
Get the Recipe: Easy Smoked Baked Potato

Baked Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

A picture of baked cauliflower mac and cheese in cast iron skillet on wooden table.
Baked Cauliflower Mac and Cheese. Photo credit: Primal Edge Health.

Looking to balance out the BBQ feast? Our Baked Cauliflower Mac and Cheese offers the creamy, cheesy satisfaction of the original but with fewer carbs. It’s the guilt-free indulgence your Labor Day celebration needs.
Get the Recipe: Baked Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Campfire Potatoes

Cheesy pile of potatoes.
Cheesy potatoes. Photo credit: GirlCarnivore.

Planning a Labor Day cookout in the great outdoors? Don’t forget to pack the ingredients for these foil-wrapped campfire potatoes. Imagine savoring buttery potatoes with crispy bacon and gooey cheese while you bask in that all-American freedom. It’s the perfect patriot’s side dish.
Get the Recipe: Campfire Potatoes

Grilled Asparagus in Foil

Asparagus wrapped in foil on a grill.
Grilled asparagus. Photo credit: GirlCarnivore.

Grilled asparagus in foil is an essential add-on to your Labor Day grilling endeavors. As the burgers and hot dogs get all the attention, these crisp asparagus spears will steal the show. Simple, yet packed with flavor, they’re ready in minimal time to keep pace with your main course.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Asparagus in Foil

Grilled Blooming Onion

Grilled Blooming Onion. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

Your favorite restaurant appetizer just went al fresco for Labor Day. Introduce some Aussie love to your all-American barbecue with a grilled blooming onion. A fun, unique dish that’s ideal for sharing—because Labor Day is all about community, right?
Get the Recipe: Grilled Blooming Onion

Campfire Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes unwrapped from foil.
Photo credit: Girl Carnivore.

These aren’t just any baked potatoes; these are campfire baked potatoes. Give your Labor Day potluck the rustic, hearty side dish it deserves. Loaded with butter and tasty toppings, these potatoes will make you wish camping season never had to end.
Get the Recipe: Campfire Baked Potatoes

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Grilled corn on the cob.
Grilled Corn. Photo credit: GirlCarnivore.

Few things scream summer and Labor Day like grilled corn on the cob. Charred to perfection, this is the sweet, juicy side dish that your barbecue buddies will rave about. Pair it with a burger for a quintessentially American meal.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Corn on the Cob

Duck Fat Fries

French fries and steak on a black plate.
Duck fat fries. Photo credit: GirlCarnivore.

If you’re looking to elevate your Labor Day spread, bring in the duck fat fries. They’re golden, they’re crisp, and they’re unlike anything your guests have had before. Pair them with a juicy burger and you’ve got a match made in heaven.
Get the Recipe: Duck Fat Fries

Grilled Corn in the Husks

Grilled steak and corn on the cob.
Grilled corn in husks. Photo credit: GirlCarnivore.

Capture the essence of summer with grilled corn in the husks. These smoky, tender kernels bring a touch of tradition to your Labor Day festivities. It’s the kind of simple, honest food that reminds us all of what it means to be American.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Corn in the Husks

Easy Grilled Corn Salad

Lime being squeezed over grilled corn salad.
Grilled Corn Salad. Photo credit: Girl Carnivore

For a lighter addition to your barbecue, consider this easy grilled corn salad. A mix of charred corn, vibrant veggies, and a dash of zesty dressing makes this dish a refreshing palate cleanser between those hearty main courses.
Get the Recipe: Easy Grilled Corn Salad

Pesto Orzo Salad

Orzo salad resting on a dark plate.
Pesto Orzo Salad. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Add an international twist with the Pesto Orzo Salad. Though its roots are Italian, its vibrant flavors of basil and juicy cherry tomatoes make it a universally loved side. It’s the perfect companion to any all-American barbecue main course.
Get the Recipe: Pesto Orzo Salad

Grilled Zucchini

Grilled Zucchini. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

Grilled zucchini provides a straightforward, yet delicious, option for your Labor Day menu. This vegetable side dish holds its own among the more traditional barbecue fare. Slice it up, grill it, and let its natural flavors impress your guests.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Zucchini

Grape Salad

Grape Salad in clear bowl with green grapes in background.
Grape Salad. Photo credit: Real Life of Lulu.

Grape salad isn’t just a side dish; it’s a conversation starter. Sweet, refreshing, and impossible to resist—this dish brings a touch of whimsy to your Labor Day get-together. Imagine biting into a juicy grape while catching up with friends; it’s the essence of summer, captured in a bowl.
Get the Recipe: Grape Salad

Burrata Salad with Balsamic Glaze

burrata salad with balsamic glaze including spring mix, basil leaves, halved cherry tomatoes, drizzled with balsamic glaze and olive oil.
Burrata Salad with Balsamic Glaze. Photo credit: Two Cloves Kitchen.

Add a touch of elegance to your Labor Day meal with a Burrata Salad. It’s got all the makings of a fine dining experience but in a laid-back, potluck-friendly format. It’s the kind of side dish that shows you can be both patriotic and sophisticated at the same time.
Get the Recipe: Burrata Salad with Balsamic Glaze

Grilled Elote Corn Ribs

Grilled Elote Corn Ribs on a black platter.
Grilled Elote Corn Ribs. Photo credit: Grill What You Love.

Labor Day deserves something a little extraordinary. Enter grilled Elote corn ribs. This dish not only impresses visually but also packs a punch flavor-wise. Get ready to win the unofficial “Best Side Dish” award at your Labor Day potluck.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Elote Corn Ribs

Grilled Potatoes

Grilled Potatoes. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

French fries are good, but grilled potatoes are a game-changer. Imagine enjoying these alongside your burger—crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and perfectly seasoned. They’re the side dish that leaves everyone satisfied but still wanting just one more.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Potatoes

Pistachio Fluff Salad

Pistachio salad topped with nuts and cherries.
Pistachio Fluff Salad. Photo credit: Upstate Ramblings.

Why not add a fun and unusual side like Pistachio Fluff Salad? It’s a sweet, light, and fluffy contrast to your hearty main dishes. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, it’s hard not to feel a surge of joy when you take that first bite.
Get the Recipe: Pistachio Fluff Salad

Campfire Macaroni and Cheese

Campfire Macaroni and Cheese. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

Add some heat to your Labor Day gathering with campfire mac and cheese. We’re talking bacon, jalapenos, and a generous dose of cheese. It’s comfort food with a kick—perfect for celebrating the last days of summer.
Get the Recipe: Campfire Macaroni and Cheese

Watermelon Mojito Salad

Watermelon salad garnished with mint and feta on a blue plate surrounded by cut limes, fresh mint, and a white linen.
Watermelon Mojito Salad. Photo credit: Two Cloves Kitchen.

Refreshing is the name of the game with this watermelon mojito salad. It’s the ultimate palate cleanser during a day of heavy barbecue foods. Sweet watermelon, tangy feta, and a hint of mint make this dish the epitome of a summer salad.
Get the Recipe: Watermelon Mojito Salad

Pulled Pork Deviled Eggs

Blue plate with pulled pork deviled eggs, all topped with a pickle.
Pulled Pork Deviled Eggs. Photo credit: Ginger Casa.

Surprise and delight your guests with pulled pork deviled eggs. It’s a twist on the classic, bringing a touch of barbecue flair to a well-loved favorite. These make for the perfect grab-and-go side or appetizer to keep everyone munching happily.
Get the Recipe: Pulled Pork Deviled Eggs

Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers that have been blistered covered in sea salt.
Shishito Peppers. Photo credit: Feast + West.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that steal the spotlight, like blistered Shishito peppers. Perfect for snacking or as a side dish, they bring a mild yet occasionally spicy surprise to the table. Ideal for those looking for something a little different this Labor Day.
Get the Recipe: Shishito Peppers

Cowboy Candy, aka Candied Jalapenos

A fork with a piece of bacon and a piece of cowboy candy on it.
Cowboy Candy. Photo Credit: Girls Can Grill

Forget your typical pickles; Cowboy Candy is the side dish you didn’t know your burgers needed. They’re sweet, they’re spicy, and they kick up the flavor of anything they touch. These candied jalapeños even pair brilliantly with cream cheese. Elevate your Labor Day celebration with a jar of these bad boys.
Get the Recipe: Cowboy Candy, aka Candied Jalapenos

Chickpea Salad

Healthy chickpea salad in a blue bowl.
Chickpea Salad. Photo credit: Upstate Ramblings.

Opt for Chickpea Salad if you’re looking for something both wholesome and tasty. It’s full of protein and colorful veggies, making it a guilt-free companion to your main course. Perfect for adding a fresh, nutritious element to your Labor Day spread. Trust us, it’s so good you’ll forget it’s healthy.
Get the Recipe: Chickpea Salad

Simple Summer Tomato Corn Salad

Tomato corn salad with shaved parmesan and basil garnish in white bowl.
Simple Summer Tomato Corn Salad. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

When you think Labor Day, you think simple and homegrown, and that’s exactly what Simple Summer Tomato Corn Salad offers. With just corn, tomato, and basil, it captures the spirit of late summer. It’s the all-American garden on a plate. Include it in your spread and give your guests a taste of the season.
Get the Recipe: Simple Summer Tomato Corn Salad

Shishito Pepper Potato Salad

Shishito Pepper Potato Salad. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

Shishito Pepper Potato Salad isn’t your grandma’s potato salad. It brings a new layer of flavor to a classic dish, with blistered shishito peppers stealing the show. This unique take might just outshine your main course. Perfect for those looking to bring a conversation starter to the table.
Get the Recipe: Shishito Pepper Potato Salad

Watermelon Blue Cheese Salad

two green salads with watermelon with forks on blue napkins.
Watermelon Blue Cheese Salad. Photo credit: Feast + West.

Celebrate the end of summer with a Watermelon Blue Cheese Salad. It’s a refreshing palate cleanser that’s sure to complement the smoky flavors of your barbecue. Radishes add a bit of a kick, making this salad far from ordinary. It’s a harmonious mix of flavors perfect for Labor Day.
Get the Recipe: Watermelon Blue Cheese Salad

Best Cookout Coleslaw

low angled shot of coleslaw in a black bowl.
Best Cookout Coleslaw. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Here’s a coleslaw that doesn’t play second fiddle. Tangy, a little sweet, and perfectly seasoned, it’s the coleslaw you’ve been searching for. This side dish brings a bright, crisp contrast to your smoky, grilled meats. Make room for it at your Labor Day table; your guests will thank you.
Get the Recipe: Best Cookout Coleslaw

Extra Creamy Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

Extra Creamy Hawaiian Macaroni Salad. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

Add a touch of the tropics to your Labor Day with Extra Creamy Hawaiian Macaroni Salad. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and tangy, guaranteed to complement your barbecue. This isn’t just a side dish; it’s a mini-vacation on a plate. Offer it up and watch it disappear.
Get the Recipe: Extra Creamy Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

BBQ Rib Potato Salad

Teal plate with bbq rib potato salad, green salad with tomatoes, and bbq ribs.
BBQ Rib Potato Salad. Photo credit: Ginger Casa.

BBQ Rib Potato Salad is a game-changer. Incorporating the flavors of barbecue ribs into a potato salad is exactly as good as it sounds. It’s the lovechild of two barbecue favorites, making it the ultimate Labor Day side dish. Serve this and watch your guests’ eyes light up.
Get the Recipe: BBQ Rib Potato Salad

Alabama White Sauce Kale Slaw

Alabama White Sauce Kale Slaw. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

Move over, traditional coleslaw; Alabama White Sauce Kale Slaw is here. It’s a tangy and peppery change of pace that pairs exceptionally well with barbecue. Whether as a side or topping for a pulled pork sandwich, it’s destined to be a hit. Give it a try this Labor Day.
Get the Recipe: Alabama White Sauce Kale Slaw

Easy Radish Salad

Easy Radish Salad on plate with glass of water.
Easy Radish Salad. Photo credit: Little Bit Recipes.

For a light, crunchy side, go for Easy Radish Salad. It brings together the peppery taste of radishes with the smooth textures of cottage cheese and sour cream. Perfect for those who want something fresh yet uncomplicated. It’s easy to make, easier to eat, and easiest to love.
Get the Recipe: Easy Radish Salad

Best Baked Beans

Best Baked Beans. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

When people tell you these are the best baked beans they’ve ever had, you better believe them. They’re the ideal combination of sweet, savory, and hearty. This side dish fills the gap between your burgers and your desserts. Make sure to have this classic American staple at your Labor Day celebration.
Get the Recipe: Best Baked Beans

Candied Jalapeno Coleslaw

Candied Jalapeno Coleslaw. Photo credit: Girls Can Grill.

Imagine a coleslaw that people can’t stop talking about. Candied Jalapeno Coleslaw is that dish. With an unexpected twist of candied jalapeños and pineapple, it balances creamy, spicy, and sweet in every bite. It’s the coleslaw that even coleslaw skeptics will love.
Get the Recipe: Candied Jalapeno Coleslaw

Broccoli Salad with Bacon

Broccoli Salad with Bacon inside wooden bowl.
Broccoli Salad with Bacon. Photo credit: Low Carb – No Carb.

Broccoli Salad with Bacon delivers a burst of flavor and texture. Crunchy broccoli, savory bacon, and a tangy dressing make it an instant crowd-pleaser. Whether you’re having a picnic or a backyard barbecue, this salad won’t let you down. It’s the reliable, tasty friend every burger needs.
Get the Recipe: Broccoli Salad with Bacon

Garlic Parmesan Ranch Air Fryer Frozen Fries

A close up of french fries with parmesan cheese.
Garlic parm ranch fries. Photo Credit: Girls Can Grill

Sometimes you just need fries, and these are a no-brainer. Pop them in the air fryer and sprinkle some garlic Parmesan ranch seasoning. The result? A side dish that’s so good it needs no introduction. Perfect for when you want something delicious without the fuss.
Get the Recipe: Garlic Parmesan Ranch Air Fryer Frozen Fries

Red Skin Potato Salad

Red potato salad in bowl with bacon and parsley garnish.
Red Skin Potato Salad. Photo credit: Little Bit Recipes.

A classic with a twist, Red Skin Potato Salad brings bacon into the mix. It’s creamy, savory, and a definite crowd-pleaser. This is the side dish you’ll find yourself eating straight from the bowl. Make it a staple at your Labor Day festivities.
Get the Recipe: Red Skin Potato Salad

Hawaiian Grilled Pineapple Coleslaw

Pineapple slaw in a white bowl with a wooden spoon.
Pineapple slaw. Photo Credit: Girls Can Grill.

If your barbecue needs a dash of the exotic, Hawaiian Grilled Pineapple Coleslaw has you covered. It’s a flavorful blend that pairs perfectly with grilled meats. This side dish takes coleslaw to a whole new level. A must-try for anyone looking to spice up their Labor Day menu.
Get the Recipe: Hawaiian Grilled Pineapple Coleslaw

Green Bean Tomato Salad

Green beans and tomatoes on a white plate.
Green Bean Tomato Salad. Photo credit: Little Bit Recipes.

Green Bean Tomato Salad is the embodiment of fresh and easy. It’s vibrant, healthy, and ideal for a hot Labor Day afternoon. This is the side dish for those who want to feel good about what they’re eating. Serve it up and enjoy the guilt-free indulgence.
Get the Recipe: Green Bean Tomato Salad

Mexican Corn Salad

Mexican corn salad in bowls, garnished with parmesan cheese and lime wedges, with forks on the side.
Mexican Corn Salad. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Mexican Corn Salad brings the vibrancy of street food right to your Labor Day table. It’s got all the zest and flavor you could want, making it an excellent companion to grilled meats. This dish is a fiesta on a plate, and it’s about to become your new favorite side.
Get the Recipe: Mexican Corn Salad

Grilled Potato Wedges

Grilled potato wedges on grates of charcoal grill.
Grilled Potato Wedges. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Grilled Potato Wedges are the ideal sidekick to your burgers. They’re simple but they pack a punch. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these are the steak fries you’ve been waiting for. There’s nothing like a potato wedge that can stand up to a burger, and these deliver.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Potato Wedges

Whole Wheat Pasta Salad

Whole wheat pasta salad in a white bowl.
Whole Wheat Pasta Salad. Photo credit: Two Cloves Kitchen.

Bring some Mediterranean flair to your Labor Day with Whole Wheat Pasta Salad. It’s loaded with sun-dried tomatoes, salami, and feta, among other goodies. This side dish is hearty enough to be a meal on its own but plays well with others. Don’t let this one pass you by; it’s a guaranteed hit.
Get the Recipe: Whole Wheat Pasta Salad

Old Fashioned Pea Salad

Pea salad in a blue bowl.
Old Fashioned Pea Salad. Photo credit: Upstate Ramblings.

The Old Fashioned Pea Salad is the comfort food of side dishes. Its rich, creamy texture pairs beautifully with the pop of fresh peas. This is the dish that’ll take you back to family reunions and community potlucks. Make it part of your Labor Day spread, and it might just steal the show.
Get the Recipe: Old Fashioned Pea Salad

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