The coolest iced tea trends that will impress you with every sip

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Are you tired of making the same iced tea concoction? You’d be surprised by all the simple yet unique ways there are to enjoy a glass of iced tea. From fruit-infused tea to tea-based cocktails, discover these cool iced tea trends that will impress you with every sip and leave you craving another glass. 

Infused Cold Brew Tea glases.
Ever tried iced tea with a dash of baking soda? Discover unique iced tea trends that will keep you coming back for more. Photo credit: Zuzana Paar.

Healthy and refreshing sips that can’t be beat

Iced tea is a drink of choice for many, and there’s a reason for it besides its refreshing taste. It is incredibly versatile, and you can tailor the recipe to meet your health goals. Instead of reaching for that sugary pop, you can go for an unsweetened iced green tea — it’ll keep you hydrated without the unpleasant sugar headache. 

That’s not to say that you have to drink your iced teas flavorless. If you’re looking for a diet-friendly way to spruce up your iced tea, try infusing it with herbs or fruits — much like you would do to make flavored water. There are many fun combinations to experiment with, depending on the type of tea. Black tea may be best with sweeter fruit to balance the stronger notes of bitterness, while the more delicate flavor of green tea is best suited for less intense fruit flavors like blueberries. Whether using berries or ginger and honey, infused iced tea is proof that healthy drinks can also be yummy. 

Iced tea from around the world

The influence of global tea cultures is introducing exciting flavors and unique recipes that the rest of the world may be unfamiliar with. If you’re getting bored of your average iced teas, it’s time to venture out and try these trending drinks. 

Iced matcha has been all the rave lately and is widely loved for providing a kick of caffeine without the same level of anxiety that some may experience with coffee. Matcha is made from a fine powder of ground green tea leaves and is traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. It can, however, be an acquired taste as it is slightly bitter, with some describing the taste as grassy. If you want to give it a shot, iced matcha is simple to make, only requiring cold water, matcha, ice and an optional sweetener. 

If you’re not a fan of matcha’s bitterness, Thai iced tea is just the drink for you. It’s made by brewing a Thai tea mix — black tea mixed with spices like cardamom — and sweetened with sugar and condensed milk. This drink is known for its iconic bright orange color and as a refreshing and sweet treat. 

Shaking it up with tea-based cocktails

Iced teas are truly so versatile that you can even use them as a cocktail base. It’s no surprise that many tea-based cocktails have been popping up at bars and restaurants and becoming the star of the show.

To uplift your cocktail game, make a batch of your favorite infused iced tea and add a shot or two of your choice of spirit. Iced green tea mojitos and Long Island iced teas are classics, but don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and play bartender for the night by trying different variations of things. The addition of tea to your alcoholic beverages will add an eye-opening depth of flavor that transforms the traditional recipe.

Add a hint of baking soda

Baking soda may be one of the last things you’d think to add to an iced tea, but it’s a hack that’s catching on. Apparently, this ingredient doesn’t just belong in your baked goods but also in your glass of tea.

Adding a pinch of baking soda will give you a clearer and less bitter glass of iced tea. This is especially useful if you oversteep your tea bags and get a bitter pitcher that makes you wince with every sip. You can save your batch with a dash of this secret ingredient that will leave you with a smooth glass of tea.

Make it a dessert with a sorbet and tea combo

When you’re craving a dessert, you might reach for a chocolate bar or some cookies, but what about sorbet in tea? This unconventional pairing works well as a fun and yummy treat. A scoop of fruity sorbet is not too heavy and compliments the tea well. Mixing the two together gives your tea some sweetness that’ll satisfy your sugar cravings.

Not only can you add sorbet to tea, but you can also do the reverse to make a tea-flavored sorbet. If you have an ice cream machine, it’s pretty simple to turn this summer’s favorite drink into a frozen dessert. Just steep your black tea as normal and add some lemon juice and sugar. Once it’s cooled, churn the mixture in the ice cream maker and freeze. In a few hours, you get an unbelievably refreshing dessert, perfect for a hot summer day.

Sustainable sips of goodness

Making a nice cup of tea can give both you and your garden a little boost of life. Tea leaves are natural fertilizers that release extra nutrients into the soil in your garden. It also acts as a pest repellent to ward off any insects from eating your plants. After you’ve made your morning cup of zen, put the leaves in your garden as a simple way to embrace sustainable living

Make iced tea your drink of choice this season

The best part about iced tea is that you can make it your own. Whether you’re looking for a healthy drink option or a sweet treat, iced tea is a blank canvas to which you can add exciting flavors and ingredients and create unique yet refreshing beverages. From infused tea to cocktails and recipes inspired by other cultures, it’s time to explore what iced tea can offer beyond what you already know.

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