Get creative this Mother’s Day: 19 fun DIY gift ideas for moms

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Looking for creative and fun DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Check out our list of 19 unique and easy-to-make gifts that will make any mom feel special!

Homemade lip balm tubs tied with twine.
Honey Beet Lip Balm. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

Violet Rose Lotion Bars

Five homemade lotion bars topped with flowers resting on a dark table.
Violet Rose Lotion Bars. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

This DIY Body Lotion Bar recipe is a MUST! These homemade lotion bars are super easy to make, non-greasy, and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Get the Recipe: Violet Rose Lotion Bars

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DIY Vanilla Rose Sugar Scrub

A wooden spoon filled with sugar and rose petals.
Vanilla Rose Sugar Scrub. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

This homemade vanilla rose sugar body scrub recipe is a quick and easy DIY recipe for soft, smooth and moisturized skin with the light, sweet aroma of roses and vanilla.

Get the Recipe: Vanilla Rose Sugar Scrub

Homemade Honey Beet Lip Balm

Homemade lip balm tubs tied with twine.
Honey Beet Lip Balm. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

This easy tinted lip balm recipe is made with beeswax, honey, and oils and tinted with beet powder for that colorful touch.

Get the Recipe: Honey Beet Lip Balm

Lavender Hydrosol

A small glass bottle filled with clear liquid resting next to a bundle of dried lavender.
Lavender Hydrosol. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

An easy lavender hydrosol recipe with only two ingredients! This soothing lavender water can be used in skincare, food, drink, cleaning products, and more!

Get the Recipe: Lavender Hydrosol

Calendula Lip Balm

Metal tins filled with yellow lip balm and calendula petals.
Calendula Lip Balm. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

Making calendula lip balm is a great way to ensure lips stay soft and moist during the extremes of temperature in different seasons. This recipe is easy to make with natural ingredients and you can even swap the essential oil in it for a favorite scent!

Get the Recipe: Calendula Lip Balm

Lavender Simple Syrup

A glass bottle filled with a lavender simple syrup.
Lavender Simple Syrup. Photo credit: MOON and spoon and yum.

This lavender simple syrup will add a calming sweet and floral flavor to your cocktails and hot drinks. Use it to make your baked goods extra special, or even as the perfect complement to your cuppa joe.

Get the Recipe: Lavender Simple Syrup

Calendula Rose Bath Bombs

Homemade bath bombs resting on parchment paper.
Calendula Rose Bath Bombs. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

These DIY bath bombs with rose petals and dried calendula are packed with skin-soothing ingredients and a heavenly scent.

Get the Recipe: Calendula Rose Bath Bombs

DIY Cinnamon Sugar Coffee Scrub

Small glass jar filled with homemade coffee scrub.
DIY Coffee Scrub. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

This cinnamon sugar DIY coffee scrub recipe combines the exfoliating properties of sugar and coffee with the soothing aroma of cinnamon.

Get the Recipe: Cinnamon Coffee Scrub

Lavender Chamomile Facial Cleansing Grains

A small glass vial filled with homemade facial cleansing grains resting on a dark wooden table.
Lavender Chamomile Facial Cleansing Grains. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

These easy DIY facial cleansing grains have fabulous exfoliating power, yet are gentle enough for sensitive skin. This botanically-infused recipe also carries the magical scents and soothing benefits of both lavender and chamomile.

Get the Recipe: Lavender Chamomile Facial Cleansing Grains

Louisiana Hot Sauce

Two glass hot sauce bottles filled with red hot sauce standing next to open flames.
Louisiana Hot Sauce. Photo credit: MOON and spoon and yum.

Is mom a spicy foods fan? This homemade hot sauce makes the perfect shelf-stable gift!

Get the Recipe: Louisiana Hot Sauce

DIY Honey Bubble Bath Recipe

A large white bowl filled with homemade bubble bath and a honeycomb spoon.
Honey Bubble Bath. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

This homemade honey bubble bath recipe has an abundance of health benefits for the skin, all in an easy DIY recipe.

Get the Recipe: Honey Bubble Bath

Rosemary Bath Truffles

A stack of white bath truffled topped with dried rosemary.
Rosemary Bath Truffles. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

Bath truffles are a lovely treat when you are enjoying a hot, relaxing bath.

Get the Recipe: Rosemary Bath Truffles

DIY Chai Bath Melts

A stack of homemade bath melts resting on a wooden table.
Chai Bath Melts. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

If you’re a fan of the flavor of chai, then you’ll love this DIY Chai Bath Melts RecipeIt is easy to make and leaves skin silky and soft!

Get the Recipe: Chai Bath Melts

DIY Whipped Body Butter

Small tins of homemade body butter topped with cloves and orange slices.
Whipped Body Butter. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

This thick and luxuriously creamy DIY whipped body butter recipe with hints of orange and clove envelops the body in a soothing coat of moisture and a heavenly scent. 

Get the Recipe: Whipped Body Butter

Russian Kumquat Jam

Kumquat jam jar with kumquats and spices in background.
Russian kumquat jam. Photo credit: At the Immigrant’s Table.

Russian kumquat jam is an enchanting mix of Eastern and Western flavors. Kumquats, lemons, star anise, and allspice blend in this jam recipe.
Get the Recipe:

DIY Bath Tea

Small muslin bags resting in a wooden bowl.
DIY Bath Tea. Photo credit: Schisandra & Bergamot.

An easy DIY bath tea recipe with a rich and comforting pumpkin spice fragrance and skin-soothing oats.

Get the Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Bath Tea

Thumbprint Flower Pot

Thumbprint Flower Pot. Photo credit: Upstate Ramblings.

Make these adorable thumbprint flower pots for Mom! Even young kids can make these thumbprint butterflies with a little help. Plant them with herbs or spring flowers for a gift Mom will love.
Get the Recipe: Thumbprint Flower Pot

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Sugar Scrub. Photo credit: Upstate Ramblings.

Peppermint sugar scrub is easy to make at home with coconut oil and sugar. Put the scrub in a mason jar in alternating layers of green and white for a fun peppermint-inspired gift for Mom.
Get the Recipe: Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Funny Socks For Mom

A pair of grey socks with the text "If You Can Read This" and "Go Ask Dad" written on each.
Funny Socks For Mom. Photo credit: Brooklyn Berry Designs.

Give Mom the gift of a day off and make these “If you can read this, go ask dad” socks made with Cricut.
Get the Recipe: Funny Sock For Mom

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