Fishtastic Fridays! 17 easy & delicious seafood recipes

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Who doesn’t love winding down the week with something special? That’s where Fishtastic Fridays come in! It’s all about making seafood simple and enjoyable, no matter your skill level in the kitchen. You’ll find everything from light, refreshing dishes to hearty meals that feel like a hug in a bowl. And the best part? You can checkout these 17 easy and delicious seafood recipes every Friday!

Salmon with spinach sauce on a white plate.
Baked Pesto Salmon. Photo credit: Keto Cooking Wins.

General Tso Shrimp

Homemade general tso shrimp with broccoli and rice in a bowl with chopsticks.
General Tso Shrimp. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Looking for something sweet and spicy? General Tso Shrimp might just be your favorite on Friday. It comes together effortlessly and will add some warmth to your day. Taste and simplicity – a delicious seafood staple that’s beyond easy to prepare.
Get the Recipe: General Tso Shrimp

Baked Lemon Butter Fish

Baked butter fish on a plate with green beans.
Baked Lemon Butter Fish. Photo credit: Little Bit Recipes.

Have you ever tried a seafood dish that is incredibly easy to prepare and tastes simply divine? You’d love Baked Lemon Butter Fish! It’s quick to whip up for an evening meal and seriously a tasty choice for your Friday. A simple, yet delicious twist on your normal seafood recipes.
Get the Recipe: Baked Lemon Butter Fish

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo

Shrimp stuffed into soft corn tortillas with lime wedges on the side.
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

End your week on a high note with Camarones al Mojo de Ajo. This dish is garlic and shrimp heaven. It’s easy to put together and packs quite a punch of flavor, making it a perfect attraction for your seafood Friday. Check it out, it’s both easy to make and scrumptious.
Get the Recipe: Camarones al Mojo de Ajo

Air Fryer Salmon Bites

Air Fryer Salmon Bites and a salad on a plate with a fork.
Air Fryer Salmon Bites. Photo credit: Ginger Casa.

Looking for a quick seafood fix? Air Fryer Salmon Bites are worth a try! They are comforting, crunchy and super fun to eat. It’s great for a quick Friday snack, especially as it’s an easy and delicious seafood recipe.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Salmon Bites

Bloody Mary Shrimp

plate of bloody mary shrimp on peach tiles with a baguette.
Bloody Mary Shrimp. Photo credit: Two Cloves Kitchen.

Wondering how to turn your favorite drink into a quick and easy meal? Bloody Mary Shrimp is the answer! It’s super fun to make and tastes truly unique. Binging on this tasty and easy seafood dish on a Friday sounds like a perfect plan.
Get the Recipe: Bloody Mary Shrimp

Mediterranean Cod

Mediterranean cod on a rectangular platter.
Mediterranean Cod. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Mediterranean Cod is here to bring the freshest flavors of the sea straight to your kitchen. It’s considerably straightforward and the flavors are woodsy and pleasant. Why not make your Fridays gourmet with this easy-to-prepare and delicious seafood recipe? It’s light and doesn’t compromise on flavor.
Get the Recipe: Mediterranean Cod

Panko Crusted Rockfish

panko crusted rockfish on a plate with spinach.
Panko Crusted Rockfish. Photo credit: Renee Nicole’s Kitchen.

Craving a crispy seafood dish? Panko Crusted Rockfish won’t disappoint. Crusty outside, juicy inside, it’s a perfect dish for a laid-back Friday night. It’s simple, it’s scrumptious, and it’s a delicious seafood recipe that’s easy to prepare.
Get the Recipe: Panko Crusted Rockfish

Mediterranean Grilled Shrimp

Shrimp skewers on a white plate with lemon wedges.
Mediterranean Grilled Shrimp. Photo credit: Grill What You Love.

Grilled shrimp with a touch of Mediterranean spices may sound fancy, but it’s actually super simple. The Mediterranean Grilled Shrimp is an amazing dish that you can prepare without much effort. What’s more, it could make your Friday all the more delicious. So, fix this easy seafood recipe on your Friday.
Get the Recipe: Mediterranean Grilled Shrimp

Baked Creamy Salmon

Grilled salmon and potatoes on a baking sheet.
Baked Creamy Salmon. Photo credit: At the Immigrant’s Table.

How about a smooth and creamy twist to your salmon for this Friday? Try out Baked Creamy Salmon. It’s surprising how you can bake something so rich yet simple. A creamy seafood recipe that’s both deliciously comforting and easy to make.
Get the Recipe: Baked Creamy Salmon

Cold Shrimp and Cucumber Appetizer

A person holding a cucumber with shrimp and guacamole.
Cold Shrimp and Cucumber Appetizer. Photo credit: Real Balanced.

Here’s a refreshing appetizer for your Friday – our Cold Shrimp and Cucumber Appetizer. It’s crunchy, it’s light, and it’s easy to put together for your guests. An easily whipped-up dish, delicious and perfect for a seafood Friday.
Get the Recipe: Cold Shrimp and Cucumber Appetizer

Easy Baked Walleye With Lemons and Almonds

A plate of almond-crusted walleye or pickerel fish fillets with a fork and lemon.
Easy Baked Walleye With Lemons and Almonds. Photo credit: Recipes From Leftovers.

Here’s an Easy Baked Walleye with Lemons and Almonds for your seafood dinner this Friday. Easy yet mouthwatering, it blends sweetness with zestiness and crunchiness. A scrumptious seafood dish that wraps up your busy week gracefully.
Get the Recipe: Easy Baked Walleye With Lemons and Almonds

Blackened Mahi Mahi

Blackened mahi mahi over white rice.
Blackened Mahi Mahi. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Try this easy seafood dish that has a bit of a kick. Blackened Mahi Mahi asks for simple ingredients but gives back intense flavors. It’s the kind of spicy and flaky fish recipe you’d want to come home to. Make your Fridays a tiny bit more exciting with this delicious seafood recipe.
Get the Recipe: Blackened Mahi Mahi

Smoked Salmon Omelette

An omelette with smoked salmon and goat cheese on a plate with toast and orange slices.
Smoked Salmon Omelette. Photo credit: fANNEtastic food.

Have breakfast for dinner this Friday with a Smoked Salmon Omelette. It’s a delectable mix of smoked salmon and fluffy eggs. Just dump and cook for this easy and tasty seafood dish that you can enjoy this Friday.
Get the Recipe: Smoked Salmon Omelette

Cajun Seafood Rice Casserole

Shrimp and rice in a skillet.
Cajun Seafood Rice Casserole. Photo credit: Call Me PMc.

Warm your Friday with a hearty dish – Cajun Seafood Rice Casserole. This recipe is a pot filled with an assortment of seafood marinated by Cajun spices. It’s a deliciously warm and comforting seafood dish. And the best part is, it’s as easy as pie!
Get the Recipe: Cajun Seafood Rice Casserole

Baked Pesto Salmon

Salmon with spinach sauce on a white plate.
Baked Pesto Salmon. Photo credit: Keto Cooking Wins.

Let’s bring a rich twist to your salmon recipe. Try Baked Pesto Salmon! It’s got all the delicious herby tastes and it’s easy to make. A great, no-fuss choice for your delicious Friday seafood fix.
Get the Recipe: Baked Pesto Salmon

Mussels in Cream Sauce

A person holding a bowl of steamed mussels.
Mussels in Cream Sauce. Photo credit: Sage Alpha Gal.

Want an easy recipe that feels high-end? Mussels in Cream Sauce will do. Simmering mussels in a creamy sauce makes a luxurious yet easy seafood dish. This one will surely elevate your Friday.
Get the Recipe: Mussels in Cream Sauce

Parsley Pesto Salmon Recipe

Salmon roasted with herbs, onions, and garlic.
Parsley Pesto Salmon Recipe. Photo credit: Not Entirely Average.

Give your salmon a makeover with this Parsley Pesto Salmon Recipe. It’s easy, it’s fresh and it’s filled with bold flavors. A great go-to seafood dish that refreshes your taste buds on a Friday. So, give it a whirl on your Friday!
Get the Recipe: Parsley Pesto Salmon Recipe

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