Homestead hacks: 11 Tips and tricks for the novice

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Interested in homesteading but don’t know where to start? Use these 11 homestead hacks for beginners and take action today.

What is Homesteading?

Western rustic red rooster with red comb.
What is Homesteading. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

Not sure what homesteading means? Learn the history of homesteaders, the definition of homesteading in America, and ideas for beginner homesteaders.

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Backyard Homesteading

Tray of fresh rhubarb grown in a backyard homesteading garden
Backyard Homesteading. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

Maybe you want to grow your own food, keep chickens and take steps to become more self-reliant, but you’re tied to suburban life. Don’t get discouraged – learn how to start backyard homesteading this weekend.

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How to Find Homestead Land

Homestead land with a fresh mowed laneway in a pasture field, blue sky in background.
How to Find Homestead Land. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life

Growing vegetables and raising animals to provide for your family is rewarding but challenging. Improve your chance of success as a beginner by choosing the right homestead land.

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How to Finance Your Homestead

Fresh cut flowers including a yellow daisy.
How to Finance Your Homestead. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life

Trying to get financing to buy your dream homestead may seem tricky. Learn about borrowing money to purchase homestead land, federal and state government homesteading grants and programs, and alternative ways to finance your homestead.

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Apartment Homesteading

Herbs in a white pot.
Apartment Homesteading. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

You don’t need 40 acres and a cow to get started homesteading. Use these apartment homesteading ideas in your apartment or condo.

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Homestead Budgeting

Seven dozen farm fresh eggs in cartons.
Homestead Budgeting. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

With all the excitement of starting a homestead, overspending is easy. Don’t let your homestead dreams turn into nightmares. Learn about homestead budgeting to boost your chances of success.

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Best Homestead Books

Polyface Design homestead book with a cup of tea and basket of apples.
Best Homestead Books. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life

While digging in the garden and caring for chickens will teach you important lessons, beginner homesteaders also need inspiration. Learn how others started homesteading and get the tutorials, hacks and plans you need from this list of the best homestead books.

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Homestead Kitchen Tools

Stainless steel Kitchenaid stand mixer with whisk on a kitchen counter
Homestead Kitchen Tools. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

Every kitchen should include a variety of quality kitchen tools, but this is especially important if you plan to homestead. Learn about the seven must-have kitchen tools for canning, preserving, dehydrating, and processing homestead meats.

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Homestead Meats

Fresh homestead meats rabbit meat portions on a wooden cutting board.
Homestead Meats. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life

What animals should you raise for meat on your homestead? While this depends on several factors, these are the five best low-cost and low-effort homestead meats to produce.

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How to Make Money Homesteading

McIntosh apples in a wicker basket.
How to Make Money Homesteading. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life

Selling apples and eggs may bring in a few extra dollars each week, yet today’s homesteaders support their families in many unique ways. Discover how to make money homesteading today.

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More Ways to Start Homesteading

Homemade spruce tip salt in a mason jar, farm fresh eggs in carton, and wooden banded bowl on wooden counter.
Ways to Start Homesteading. Photo Credit: An Off Grid Life.

Don’t let lack of space or money stop you from getting started homesteading. There are many different ways to begin as a homesteader. Use these additional homestead hacks to inspire your first steps.

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