Tired of Tacos? Spice Up Your Night with Mexican Munchies

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Tired of the same old ground beef tacos? There’s so much more to Mexican food than corn tortillas with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Whether you’re looking for a new kind of taco or a completely different dish the next time you crave Mexican, this collection of 21 Mexican-inspired recipes is just what you need.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef looking to spice up your repertoire or a novice eager to explore the world of flavors, our Mexican recipes will inspire your next dinner fiesta. Grab your apron and get ready to discover the magic of Mexico’s best flavors you can enjoy tonight, one delicious bite at a time.

Image shows dessert nachos on a plate topped with fruit and whipped cream.
Dessert Nachos. Photo credit: Honest and Truly.

Dessert Nachos

Create a dessert fit for a fancy restaurant with this Dessert Nacho recipe. Baked cinnamon sugar tortilla chips are topped with fruit and a Mexican hot fudge sauce, finished with a touch of whipped cream. It’s simple, beyond delicious, and the perfect sweet ending to your Mexican meals.
Get the Recipe: Dessert Nachos

Semi-Homemade Chicken Empanadas

Enjoy the convenience and deliciousness of cheater chicken empanadas, perfect appetizers bursting with flavorful chicken and a golden, flaky crust. These handheld delights are sure to impress your guests during your Mexican meals.
Get the Recipe: Semi-Homemade Chicken Empanadas

Image shows an overhead shot of Puff Pastry Beef Empanadas on a white tray with a bowl of guacamole to the left of them.
Puff Pastry Beef Empanadas. Photo credit: Honest and Truly.

Puff Pastry Beef Empanadas

Sink your teeth into the savory goodness of Puff Pastry Beef Empanadas, delectable summer appetizers that combine tender beef and flaky pastry for a satisfying bite. These handheld treats are perfect for any gathering or party, adding a tasty twist to your Mexican meals.
Get the Recipe: Puff Pastry Beef Empanadas


Experience the succulent and flavorful delight of Instant Pot Carnitas, featuring tender pulled pork infused with a blend of spices. This Mexican-inspired dish promises authentic flavors and irresistible tacos or burritos right in the comfort of your home.
Get the Recipe: Carnitas

Overhead shot of chicken tortilla soup in a red bowl on wooden table with tortilla strips on the soup.
Chicken Tortilla Soup. Photo credit: Honest and Truly.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Warm up your Mexican meals with Chicken Tortilla Soup, a quick and easy option that’s hearty enough to enjoy as a meal. This soup boasts tender chicken, beans, and corn, creating a simple and tasty recipe.
Get the Recipe: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tamales

Delight in the authentic flavors of chicken tamales, a traditional Mexican treat that’s even better with leftover rotisserie chicken. These tender tamales are filled with savory chicken and rich masa dough, offering an irresistible Mexican meal. Perfect for a special occasion or a cozy night at home, these tamales will transport your taste buds to culinary bliss.
Get the Recipe: Chicken Tamales

Image shows a close up head on view of Crockpot Mexican Beef in Masa Cups on a white tray, topped with guacamole and crumbled cotija cheese.
Crockpot Mexican Beef in Masa Cups. Photo credit: Honest and Truly.

Crockpot Mexican Beef in Masa Cups

Indulge in the rich and savory flavors of Crockpot Mexican Beef served in masa cups, a satisfying dish that brings the taste of Mexico to your table. Tender beef, aromatic spices, and crispy masa cups create a delightful combination of textures and tastes during your Mexican meals.
Get the Recipe: Crockpot Mexican Beef in Masa Cups

Semi-homemade Chicken Enchiladas

Transform your weeknight dinners with mouthwatering semi-homemade chicken enchiladas made using rotisserie chicken. In just a few simple steps, you can enjoy a comforting and flavorful Mexican meal that will have your whole family asking for seconds. Say goodbye to mealtime stress and hello to deliciousness.
Get the Recipe: Semi-homemade Chicken Enchiladas

Shrimp stuffed into soft corn tortillas with lime wedges on the side.
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo

Try the classic Mexican garlic shrimp dish, Camarones al Mojo de Ajo, for a delightful Mexican meal that’s rich in garlic, spices, lime juice, and cilantro. These plump shrimp are a tasty addition to your dinner repertoire.
Get the Recipe: Camarones al Mojo de Ajo

Cheese Enchiladas

Enjoy authentic Mexican flavor with these delicious Cheese Enchiladas. These enchiladas are a cheesy delight that’s sure to satisfy your Mexican meal cravings.
Get the Recipe: Cheese Enchiladas

Chicken tinga in a blue bowl.
Chicken Tinga. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Chicken Tinga

Add bold and big flavors to your Mexican meals with Chicken Tinga. This Instant Pot recipe is perfect for burritos, tacos, nachos, or any dish that craves the rich and savory taste of Chicken Tinga.
Get the Recipe: Chicken Tinga

Camarones a la Diabla

Enjoy a spicy twist on Mexican meals with Camarones a la Diabla, featuring succulent shrimp smothered in a fiery sauce made from dried chiles. This dish promises a flavorful and satisfying dinner experience.
Get the Recipe: Camarones a la Diabla

A hand holding a n empanada that is broken open so you can see the inside filling.
Air Fryer Enchiladas. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Air Fryer Enchiladas

Elevate your weeknight Mexican meals with Air Fryer Enchiladas, a flavorful twist on the usual taco and burrito routine. These easy-to-make beef enchiladas are cooked to perfection in the air fryer, providing a delicious dinner option that’s bursting with flavor.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Enchiladas

Air Fryer Street Tacos

Create delicious air fryer steak tacos for your family’s Mexican meals. These easy steak tacos offer a delightful combination of flavors and are a great addition to your dinner rotation.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Street Tacos

Mexican casserole in a glass dish.
Walking Taco Casserole. Photo credit: Upstate Ramblings.

Walking Taco Casserole

Combine all the flavors of a walking taco in one satisfying casserole with Walking Taco Casserole. Layers of ground beef, cheese, veggies, and Fritos come together for a unique twist on a classic favorite Mexican meal.
Get the Recipe: Walking Taco Casserole

Carne Asada

Experience the best carne asada marinade for a variety of Mexican meals. This flavorful marinade adds a smoky, citrusy, and savory twist to dishes like carne asada burritos and plates that rival your favorite Mexican restaurant.
Get the Recipe: Carne Asada

Baja fish tacos on a white plate.
Baja Fish Tacos. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Baja Fish Tacos

Elevate Taco Tuesday with Baja Fish Tacos, featuring fresh and flavorful fish seasoned with bold spices. These tacos are perfect for any day of the week and promise a delightful Mexican meal experience.
Get the Recipe: Baja Fish Tacos

Creamy Mexican Corn And Bean Soup

Indulge in the heartiness of Creamy Mexican Corn and Bean Soup, a comforting dish featuring tender corn kernels, hearty beans, cheese, and spicy pepper. This soup is the perfect addition to your Mexican meals repertoire.
Get the Recipe: Creamy Mexican Corn And Bean Soup

Stacked taquitos on a plate.
Air Fryer Chicken Taquitos. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Air Fryer Chicken Taquitos

For a lighter Mexican dinner, try Air Fryer Chicken Taquitos. These crispy taquitos are filled with shredded chicken, refried beans, cheddar cheese, and green chile salsa, perfect for dipping in salsa, sour cream, or guacamole.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Chicken Taquitos

Mexican Corn Salad

Savor the taste of street stall Mexican corn with this Mexican Corn Salad. It combines sweet corn, creamy butter, zesty lime juice, diced Jalapeños, chili flakes, and cheese for a perfect side dish to your Mexican dinners.
Get the Recipe: Mexican Corn Salad

Barbacoa tacos on a tray topped with peppers and onions.
Slow Cooker Barbacoa. Photo credit: Upstate Ramblings.

Slow Cooker Barbacoa

Satisfy your taco cravings at home with Slow Cooker Barbacoa, a tender and flavorful beef dish inspired by Chipotle. This easy slow cooker recipe ensures juicy, savory, and mouthwatering Mexican meals for dinner.
Get the Recipe: Slow Cooker Barbacoa

Blackened Cod Tacos

Indulge in smoky and savory Blackened Cod Tacos, a simple and delicious fish taco recipe featuring crisp cabbage, fresh lime juice, vibrant pico de gallo, and lightly charred tortillas. These tacos are perfect for weeknight Mexican dinners.
Get the Recipe: Blackened Cod Tacos

A baking dish full of chicken enchiladas is surrounded by cut limes, a halved avocado, and a green linen.
Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas. Photo credit: Two Cloves Kitchen.

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas

Spice up your weeknight Mexican meals with Chicken Slow Cooker Enchiladas. These enchiladas are packed with tender chicken, bold enchilada sauce, chewy tortillas, and melty cheese, making them perfect for gatherings or quick dinners.
Get the Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas

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