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Taking a trip together is the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day, a birthday or graduation. It’s an opportunity to reconnect, create lasting memories and share new adventures.  Whether you are looking for relaxation or excitement, these are some of the best trips for moms and daughters.

Looking to create cherished memories and spend more mother-daughter time? Get inspiration for the perfect mother-daughter trip. Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Planning the right type of trip for a mother-daughter vacation

When planning a mom-and-daughter vacation, the range of trip types makes it possible to plan travel that suits the two of you. Depart on an adventure to explore a new city, culture or activity together. Or opt for a relaxing trip if you are looking for a chance to unwind as you reconnect. 

Book a mother-daughter cruise

A cruise is a great escape from daily life with a myriad of destinations to choose from. Cruising has been rising in popularity in recent years, with sales up more than 25% from 2023 to 2024, according to Insider Travel Report. This means more options for the experience you want.

With destinations around the world, mothers and daughters can embark on a Caribbean cruise, or explore the Mediterranean Sea. River cruises are another option for trips on beautiful rivers in the U.S. and Europe.

Onboard, mothers and daughters can enjoy poolside relaxation, spa treatments, brunch, afternoon drinks and shows, among many other activities. At ports of call, share new experiences as you explore towns and cities together. Many cruise lines offer guided excursions as well, such as tours of Caribbean islands or the historical sites of Europe.

Travel to a new city

Exploring new locations and cultures is one of the best ways to connect with others. By planning a city break trip, you can work together to choose an itinerary you will both enjoy. Consider taking a long weekend in Paris or Rome for a European getaway, or stay closer to home in New Orleans or New York City.

Be sure to consider both rest and adventure on a city break. “Most of my mother-daughter travelers want a well-rounded experience,” says Theresa Chu-Bermudez, travel advisor and founder of Get Out! Custom Travels. “For example, they would like to see the major sights while also taking time for relaxing at the spa and for shopping.”

Go on a mother-daughter adventure trip

Adventure travel is all about immersing yourself in local cultures, trying exciting activities and even getting out of your comfort zone on occasion. These trips can be highly active with experiences like trekking or biking, or more restful with a focus on wellness and local living. No matter what type of trip you plan, adventure travel will let you create lifetime memories together. 

Traveling for adventure and immersion has become more popular in recent years, and over 75% of adventure travelers are women, as shown by data collected by Condor Ferries. Several companies offer adventure tours with pre-determined itineraries for easy planning, although you can also plan your own if you have more personalized activities in mind. 

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Top destinations for mothers and daughters

A mother-daughter trip is a great time to check off a bucket list destination, especially if you are celebrating an event like a birthday or graduation. You may instead want to escape to a location close to home for a long weekend and a chance to catch up.

Get away for a weekend in Charleston

Traveling within the U.S. is extremely popular, with 85% of travelers planning domestic vacations this spring, according to Vacasa. These can be simpler to coordinate, more affordable and better for quick trips. Of the many fantastic U.S. destinations, Charleston, South Carolina, is great for mothers and daughters.

Friendly, historic and thriving, Charleston is perfect for a weekend trip. Downtown Charleston is packed with restaurants, shopping, arts and cultural activities. When you are ready for a break from the city, head to the beautiful local beaches to relax by the ocean.

Travel to an island paradise in Aruba

If your ideal mother-daughter vacation includes sandy beaches and sparkling water, Aruba is a top-choice destination. This Caribbean island is warm and sunny year round, making for a luxurious escape.

Aruba has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, with travel there up 20% in 2024, as noted by Tourism Analytics. You have many resorts and activities to choose from on your trip. Spend time on Aruba’s many beaches, indulge in a champagne brunch boat ride, hike through the national park or relax with a spa treatment at one of the island’s resorts.

Experience culture together on a Greek Islands cruise

The islands of Greece boast stunning scenery and beaches, as well as history, culture and food at every stop. Embracing a new culture together can be a great way to learn more about each other and strengthen the mother-daughter bond.

In recalling a recent trip to Greece with her mother, Chu-Bermudez says, “Exploring new ports together in the Aegean via a small ship made it stress-free and allowed us to really enjoy the trip. One of my favorite parts of traveling with my mom is seeing different sides of her. When we were docked outside of Nafplion in Greece, she got up and started dancing with the traditional Greek dancers who had come on board!”

Planning an itinerary of mother-daughter vacation activities

Taking a mother-daughter vacation is a great time to enjoy the activities you both like and to share new experiences. If you are planning the trip as a gift to your mother or daughter, be sure to include some of her favorite activities.

Depending on your destination, some of the best itineraries for a mother-and-daughter trip include exploring a city’s museums, shopping and restaurants. Walking tours, boat tours, food tours and other organized tours let you see the city with minimal planning.

If you want adventure in nature, local parks often have opportunities for hiking, biking, sailing, ziplining and more. On the other hand, add some time for relaxing together by scheduling a spa day or beach day.

Get away on a mother-daughter vacation this year

Whether you are looking for a Mother’s Day present, celebrating your daughter’s birthday or simply want to make lifelong memories, plan a mom-and-daughter vacation this year. From a cruise in the Caribbean to a cultural trip in Europe to a weekend getaway in a vibrant U.S. city, a mother-daughter trip is an unbeatable way to spend time together while enjoying a vacation.

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