Kickstart your dreams with 14 motivational must-haves

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Unleash your inner potential with practical tools and inspiring decor. Explore these essential motivational must-haves that will propel you toward your dreams.

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Gear up for success: 14 products that inspire

Unlocking your full potential and achieving your goals starts with one key ingredient: motivation. It’s the driving force that propels you forward, helping you overcome obstacles and reach new heights.

General wellness tips go a long way to keeping us inspired and fit, but sometimes, we need some tools, too. What are the best products to help you along the way? Read on for things that fill my journey with success and inspiration.

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Lined journal

What better way to sort through your thoughts than with a line journal? The structured lines provide a clear canvas for organizing thoughts, setting goals and tracking progress.

I’m an old-fashioned paper and pen gal, so I write a lot. Because I use a journal so much, I need a quality choice with a sturdy cover and thick pages that don’t bleed, even with ink-gel pens.

The additional elastic band closure and expandable inner pocket features make this Paperage notebook a win. I can tuck notes, receipts, favorite breakfast recipes and other scraps of paper in the back pocket and save them for later. Plus, the elastic closure keeps everything nice and tidy and gives a logical place to clip a pen.

Motivational calendar

Get an inspirational quote for every day of the year with this RYVE daily flip calendar. The benefit of receiving kind words every day is worth looking forward to and will surely build a stronger sense of purpose and direction over time.

I love that this calendar is reusable year after year. I’m thrilled to save paper from the garbage and like it when I remember reading a quote. Repetition is the key to memorization, and seeing my favorites again reminds me of all that’s been accomplished in the last year.

The spiral rings are big and pretty, so the calendar is as easy to use as it is pretty. I like that the colors are varied enough to be engaging but not too wild that they clash with my decor.

Habit tracker

Here’s a big key to success when you’re working on improving multiple habits at a time: a habit tracker. The Lamare tracking calendar is one of the best I’ve seen, with spaces for daily, weekly and monthly goals.

It’s completely customizable for up to 10 daily habits and easy to decorate with colorful marks to keep me engaged with progress over time. I use the lines for personal, fitness and productivity goals, but they can also be used for starting a new diet, housekeeping, school and self-care tasks.

Desk decor

Bring positive vibes to your workspace with an inspirational soy wax candle infused with vanilla, coconut and citrus scents. Orange is one of my favorite aromatherapy oils for invigorating my mind and recharging my focus, even after a long work day. Plus, the tropical twist of coconut makes me dream of a possible Caribbean vacation.

I love the way growing plants indoors brightens up the atmosphere. Placing a plant propagation station with a motivational quote on the wooden stand makes for memorable and inspiring desk decor. This is my go-to easy gift idea for helping share a positive message with those I love. It comes in a lovely gift box, making it all the more thoughtful.

Gratitude journal

While I’m pushing to grow, it’s important to take stock of what I already have. This gratitude journal with bible verses is a simple guide that helps me express gratitude more regularly. The prompts are short and sweet, so there’s no pressure to write a lot. I also like the flexibility of being able to date each page instead of following fixed calendar days.

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Weekly and monthly planner

There’s nothing like setting dates on goals to keep you accountable and motivated with deadlines. I can’t tell you how many planners I’ve tested before settling on this Clever Fox life planner.

This planner has it all with a weekly day-by-day and additional sections for specific goals, to-dos, habit tracking and more, and a monthly overview with an at-a-glance calendar, goal and note section. My favorite aspect is how reviews are built in at these different levels. Reviewing progress is essential in my personal and work life.

All the options for data entry get me really excited. There is also a 3-month and 1-year view, plus prompts for life goals. These are perfect for jotting down things to learn that sound hard but really aren’t. The lay-flat binding, ribbon bookmarks and playful stickers are bonus features.

Wall art

A six-piece rustic wall hanging with inspirational words set to a quaint farmhouse style could be the missing touch to your office, bedroom or hallway. Wherever you need a gentle reminder to be good, this decor will encourage you. I favor it for a living room wall because the message is great for the whole family.

For a more in-your-face approach, say the message loud and proud with a Don’t Quit LED neon sign. Pick your favorite color for this unashamed call-out and hang it up in a home gym, office or game room.

Home decor

Barnyard Designs’ wooden blocks come in many phrases, so you can pick the one that applies most. The Strong sign caught my attention and instantly reminded me that there’s a bigger picture to consider. I like that every quote is simple and straightforward, with a punch of reality worth remembering. Similarly, an Everything is Figueroutable block carries the same charm with a jolt of humor.

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Motivational water bottle

These motivational water bottles are the solution for on-the-go sipping. The 32-ounce bottle is made from durable material and comes with a carrying strap so I can clip it onto a backpack with ease.

Motivational pen set

Pick your favorite messages from motivational to inspirational and style from colorful, crystal or metallic finish and stock up on momentum with a twelve-pack ballpoint pen set. If the bright colors don’t cheer you up, the short and sweet motivational messages surely will.

I frequently misplace pens, so it’s useful to have so many. I have the rainbow set spread around my office, kitchen, car and kids’ desks. Plus, one in my purse, too.

Inspirational sticky notes

Pair the above pen set with inspirational sticky notes for the ultimate you-can-do-it combo. One purchase gave me enough cute and fun sets to share with friends and my kids’ teachers. I think they are nice gifts but also work just as well at home and at my work.


Surround yourself with the inspirational products and motivational must-haves that resonate with you. These resources will constantly remind you of your strengths, achievements and limitless potential. It’s up to you to take action and get started on new goals, one step at a time.

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