11 newborn Easter basket ideas for your little bunny

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Get ready for an overload of cuteness with these 11 adorable newborn Easter basket ideas. From fluffy bunny onesies to soft plush toys, these gifts will surely have you saying ‘aww’ at every turn and make your little one’s first Easter unforgettable.

A newborn baby wearing a knitted bunny hat surrounded by easter eggs.
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As Easter approaches, the anticipation in the air heightens, and the joy is magnified with the newest addition to the family. The prospect of celebrating Easter with the adorable newborn has everyone eagerly awaiting the festivities. Putting together a thoughtfully assembled newborn Easter basket adds to the fun of it all. It’s not just about the items within; it’s a curated experience of love, laughter and pure Easter magic that the whole family gets to share. The sheer joy of having the baby as the star of the Easter show makes the process so much fun.

Cozy Easter apparel 

As you curate the perfect newborn Easter basket for your little one, make sure to include some bunny-themed attire. Whether it’s a cozy onesie, a stylish romper or a dress/suit ensemble, any bunny-inspired outfit in pastel colors will make your little hopper look irresistibly cute for their first Easter celebration. Don’t forget to adorn your baby girl with adorable bunny ear headbands, adding an extra touch of sweetness to her Easter ensemble. For baby boys, consider including a miniature bow tie with bunny motifs, ensuring a dapper and charming look for his first Easter celebration.

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Bunny-themed toys

Elevate your baby’s playtime with soft and cuddly bunny toys. Choose from plush bunny rattles, squeaky toys or a bunny-shaped teething ring. These engaging and delightful toys serve a dual purpose, providing entertainment while also stimulating your baby’s senses.

‘‘For my kids’ first Easter, I couldn’t wait to make them a basket, but obviously, they couldn’t have the traditional Easter candy. Instead, I found an adorable bunny sleeper and other Easter-themed clothes I put in the basket. I also found animal puzzles that they enjoyed a little later, as well as some bunny, duck and chick-themed soft stuffed animals and a blanket. There are so many non-food items you can put into a newborn Easter basket, and it’s really just for you the first year anyway.”

— Michelle Price, Honest and Truly
3 plush bunny toys on white background with plastic Easter eggs at the back.
Photo credit: YayImages.

Easter books for tiny readers

It’s not too early to start introducing your newborn to the magic of board books. Easter books are the best Easter basket fillers for the tiniest readers. Your baby will love the finger puppet board book “Hippity, Hoppity, Little Bunny” by Cottage Door Press and the lift-a-flap book “Babies Love Easter” by R.I.Redd. Celebrate Easter with age-appropriate books. 

Bath time essentials

Pamper your little one with bunny-shaped baby towels, organic bath sponges or gentle bunny-themed baby shampoo for a relaxing bath time experience. Extend the comfort into bedtime with bunny-themed pajamas that are adorable and perfect for ensuring a cozy and peaceful night’s sleep for your little bunny.

Personalized Easter keepsakes

Make your baby’s first Easter memorable with personalized keepsakes. Explore options such as customizing a bunny-themed baby blanket, onesies featuring your baby’s name or a distinctive Easter-themed baby bib. These personalized additions infuse a sense of sentimentality, elevating the overall celebration of this special occasion.

DIY Easter craft kits

Get creative with DIY Easter craft kits suitable for babies. Think about easy-to-assemble Easter handprint and footprint art projects or bunny ears headband crafts. It’s a wonderful way to capture your baby’s first Easter in a unique and artistic manner. And those little fingers and toes will serve as a treasured keepsake you’ll love looking at over the years as your little one grows.  

Easter-themed baby photo props

Create lasting memories with Easter-themed photo props. Include bunny ears headbands, fluffy tail diaper covers or tiny bunny slippers for adorable photo sessions. These props will not only make for precious pictures but also bring a festive atmosphere to your baby’s first Easter, making it a fun family bonding activity for everyone to enjoy.

A newborn wearing a knitted bunny hat and holding easter eggs sleeping on grey background.
Photo credit: YayImages.

Outdoor Easter necessities

If you’re planning an outdoor Easter gathering, include in your newborn Easter basket items like a bunny-shaped sun hat, a cozy Easter-themed blanket for picnics or a soft plush bunny for your baby to cuddle during the outdoor festivities. These items will ensure that your little one is comfortable and stylish while enjoying the fresh spring air.

Bunny-themed nursery rhymes

Add a musical touch to your baby’s Easter with bunny-themed nursery rhymes. Include CDs or digital playlists featuring songs like “Five Little Bunnies” or “Little Peter Rabbit.” It’s a delightful way to introduce your baby to the joy of music while celebrating Easter.

Easter-themed nursery decor

Transform your baby’s nursery into an Easter wonderland with themed decor items. Consider bunny wall decals, Easter mobiles or soft bunny-shaped pillows to create a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere.

Easter Bible verse cards

Deepen the spiritual significance of your baby’s first Easter by including Easter Bible verse cards in the basket. Choose verses that reflect the joy and hope of the season, such as passages about new life, blessings and love. Easter Bible verse cards can serve as a meaningful gift, fostering a connection to the religious aspects of Easter and creating a cherished tradition for years to come.

One last thing

With these fun ideas, your newborn’s Easter basket is sure to be brimming with charm and practicality. Each of these items contributes to the joy of celebrating your baby’s first Easter. Embrace the festive spirit and create memories that will make this Easter a truly special occasion for your little bunny.

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