Insanely good dinners: 15 recipes they’ll beg for weekly

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Who said weeknights have to be boring? With these 15 recipes, you’re all set to transform your dinner game. Each meal is designed to bring people together, filling your home with warm, inviting aromas. So, gather around the table, share stories from your day, and dive into a feast you’ll want to relive time and time again.

A bowl of pasta with lemon slices and parmesan cheese.
Best Lemon Pasta. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Pasta alla Norma

Pasta alla Norma in a Dutch oven.
Pasta alla Norma. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Boost your dinner game with Sicilian charm. Bring together roasted eggplant and a rich tomato sauce, and Pasta alla Norma becomes a weekly request. It sits at the crossroads of comfort and freshness, perfect for those evenings when you want a touch of Mediterranean flair.
Get the Recipe: Pasta alla Norma

25 Minute Black Bean Burger

A black bean burger in a burger bap with relish oozing out over it.
25 Minute Black Bean Burger. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

In the world of quick and wholesome meals, the 25-Minute Black Bean Burger stands out. It delivers bold flavor and hearty texture in less time than watching your favorite sitcom. Even steadfast meat lovers often find themselves drawn to its satisfying character.
Get the Recipe: 25 Minute Black Bean Burger

Air Fryer Cheese Quesadilla

Some picking up a slice of cheese quesadilla.
Air Fryer Cheese Quesadilla. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

For a fuss-free meal with a hint of indulgence, our Air Fryer Cheese Quesadilla ticks all the boxes. Achieving that ideal golden crust and melty center has never been more convenient. It’s the go-to partner for those busy nights when only cheesy comfort will do.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Cheese Quesadilla

Easy Thai Peanut Curry

Easy Thai Peanut Curry. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

If you think you need to go out to indulge in authentic flavors, Easy Thai Peanut Curry will change your mind. It’s a vibrant dish that encapsulates the essence of Thai cuisine and rivals your favorite take-out. With its creamy and nutty depth of flavor, it’s bound to be a regular on the dinner table.
Get the Recipe: Easy Thai Peanut Curry

Wild Rice Casserole

A bowl of pasta with lemon slices and parmesan cheese.
Wild Rice Casserole. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

When looking for a dish that effortlessly combines nutrition with heartiness, Wild Rice Casserole stands out. It is a canvas for various textures and flavors, marrying them into one harmonious dish. It promises a fulfilling experience, from the first spoonful to the last.
Get the Recipe: Wild Rice Casserole

Quick Thai Omelet (Kai Jeow)

A Thai omelet with jasmine rice in a bowl.
Quick Thai Omelet (Kai Jeow). Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Individuals who are pressed for time yet craving something savory will appreciate Quick Thai Omelet, also known as Kai Jeow. Its staple delivers simple ingredients with complex flavors, often cooked street-side in Thailand. This dish serves as a reminder that satisfying food isn’t limited to intricate recipes.
Get the Recipe: Quick Thai Omelet (Kai Jeow)

Thai Yellow Curry

Thai Yellow Curry. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.
Thai Yellow Curry. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

A bowl of Thai Yellow Curry brings warmth and a bouquet of fragrant spices to the dinner table. Its creamy sauce and tender components offer a comforting escape to Southeast Asia. This dish is a testament to the power of balanced spices, transforming ordinary ingredients into a favored feast.
Get the Recipe: Thai Yellow Curry

Sweet Potato Tacos

Two tacos on a plate with a sauce.
Sweet Potato Tacos. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Sweet Potato Tacos provide a lively twist to taco night with their natural sweetness and robust fillings. They are a reminder that plant-based options can rival the classics in flavor and enjoyment. It’s not just a meal; it’s a vibrant eating experience that commands weekly recurrence.
Get the Recipe: Sweet Potato Tacos

Vegetable Stew

A bowl of stew with bread and carrots.
Vegetable Stew. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Simplicity and heartiness join forces in a pot of Vegetable Stew. This dish pays homage to the power of slow-cooked flavors and the richness of seasonal produce. It’s a comforting staple that is as nutritious as it is warming.
Get the Recipe: Vegetable Stew

Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna

A lasagna being dished up.
Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna layers simplicity with comfort. Each slice offers a creamy and savory profile that beckons even the most indifferent palates. It truly celebrates how a few key ingredients can create an all-time favorite.
Get the Recipe: Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna

Veggie Burger

A homemade veggie burger in a bun, on a wooden plate, ready to eat.
Veggie Burger. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

The Veggie Burger proves that a meat-free option does not sacrifice the joy of biting into a juicy patty. It’s a combination of wholesome ingredients packed with flavor, giving a new perspective on what a burger can be. This one’s sure to convert skeptics and delight enthusiasts alike.
Get the Recipe: Veggie Burger

Baked Potato

Baked potatoes on a serving dish with sour cream and fresh parsley.
Baked Potato. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Whether it’s the star or the side, a Baked Potato never disappoints. Its fluffy interior provides the perfect backdrop to a range of toppings, allowing for customization at every meal. It’s a humble yet versatile dish that stands as a testament to the comfort of simplicity.
Get the Recipe: Baked Potato

Penne Alla Vodka

Two bowls of penne alla vodka, with Parmesan by the side.
Penne Alla Vodka. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

A dish with the right balance of creaminess and zest, Penne Alla Vodka is a classic that refuses to go unnoticed. It’s the ideal blend of comfort and indulgence, with a sauce that clings to each piece of pasta. This dish’s reputation for being a crowd-pleaser is well-earned and often leads to encore requests.
Get the Recipe: Penne Alla Vodka

Best Lemon Pasta

A bowl of pasta with lemon slices and parmesan cheese.
Best Lemon Pasta. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

The Best Lemon Pasta is a bright and inviting dish, where simplicity shines. It merges the zest of citrus with the smoothness of pasta for a dining experience that’s both refreshing and satisfying. Expect this to become a regular dish, especially when time is short but the demand for flavor is high.
Get the Recipe: Best Lemon Pasta

Vegetable Bhuna

Three bowls of international potato  curry with rice and naan.
Vegetable Bhuna. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

For those moments when only the deep, bold flavors of Indian cuisine will do, Vegetable Bhuna steps up to the plate. It’s a robust blend of spices and vegetables, slow-cooked to perfection. This dish is a warm invitation to explore the richness of textures and flavors in every bite.
Get the Recipe: Vegetable Bhuna

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