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Digital activism, an obsession with unique fashion trends and social media are a few things Gen Z is known for. It’s no secret that this generation is not afraid to be innovative and challenge traditional norms, including how special events like Mother’s Day should be celebrated. Get an inside look into how Gen Z is redefining Mother’s Day with these creative ways of showing appreciation that’s more than just a box of chocolates.

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From perfume classes to out-of-this-world VR experiences, explore these unique events Gen Z has planned for this Mother’s Day. Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Experiences matter more than material gifts

Gen Z is a one-of-a-kind group, differentiating from previous generations in multiple ways, including their preferences for experiences over material possessions. This May, expect Gen Zs to surprise their mothers with outings to create unforgettable memories. Workshops for things like pottery are all the rage with this age group. Expect them to take their moms to pottery classes as a fun way to get some quality bonding time while learning to sculpt clay. At the end of the class, they can take home their creations, whether a plate or cup, as a souvenir to remember this special day. 

Making perfume has also been trending among the younger crowd, and this makes for a perfect Mother’s Day event. Moms will be able to make their own unique scent and be reminded of the time spent with their children whenever they wear it. Whether it be pottery or perfume, these workshops will be booked and busy for this special day.  

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Personalized and meaningful gestures

Another defining factor of this generation is the emphasis they place on personalization. According to Marigold’s 2023 consumer trends report, 71% of Gen Z consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. Brands know that to effectively target this group, they need to tailor their messaging and content to Gen Z’s individuality.  

Valuing the importance of personalization, Gen Z will be sure to incorporate this in their Mother’s Day gifts to make this celebration extra meaningful. Whether it be creating custom playlists based on mom’s hit favorites from the 90s, video messages from loved ones or personalized artwork, the standard out-of-the-box gift won’t cut it anymore. All the thought put behind these gestures makes them extra meaningful and will ensure moms all over the world feel loved and appreciated.

Beyond breakfast in bed

Waking up to breakfast in bed has been a long-standing tradition for this special day, so don’t be surprised if Gen Zs take on this challenge by experimenting with unique recipes. Those unfamiliar with their way around the kitchen may opt for simpler recipes like no-bake cheesecake. It’s easy to make substitutions in this recipe for different diet restrictions or preferences — for a sweeter dish, just add a few drops of vanilla extract. Plus, no-bake dishes avoid the risk of burning something in the oven so no mishaps happen in time for Mother’s Day.

Gen Z is also big on themed get-togethers, often drawing inspiration from celebrities or popular shows. You can expect them to host themed dinners such as a Bridgerton night if that’s their mom’s favorite series and make it a fun family affair by enforcing a dress code for only high society-esque clothing. The younger generation has virtually endless possibilities with all the recipe inspiration available online to make a lavish Mother’s Day feast. From one-pot recipes to heart-shaped popsicles, Gen Z will be sure to bring out their creativity for a delicious and unforgettable dinner.

Bringing moms to another world 

Often designated as the tech expert of their families, you can always count on these digital natives to incorporate technology into any activity. Through virtual reality or VR, Gen Zs are able to create a virtual tour of dream destinations for their mom. With VR headsets, moms will get to experience iconic landmarks and beautiful beaches from the comfort of their homes.

If family members are separated by distance and can’t physically gather to celebrate Mother’s Day, you can rest assured that the younger folks will unite everyone through a virtual party. This group is all too familiar with virtual events, given the pandemic, and they know exactly what to do for a fun time, even if it’s all online. From slide shows of everyone’s favorite memories with mom to exciting family games, Gen Z will find a special way to honor their mom no matter the situation. 

Family volunteer day

Gen Z is known for having strong values regarding racial justice and sustainability. It wouldn’t be out of character for this group to rally the family for a day dedicated to giving back to a cause close to their mother’s heart. Whether it be volunteering at the food bank or community garden, moms would appreciate spending the day with their loved ones while helping out a meaningful cause. A family volunteer day might not be your typical celebratory event, but it is one way that Gen Z is redefining Mother’s Day with a unique social impact twist.

Redefining Mother’s Day celebrations

The young people of today embody a vibrant and innovative spirit unique to their generation. It’s clear that Gen Z is not afraid to steer away from traditional norms, including how they celebrate special events. From pottery classes to VR experiences and expressions of love through culinary creations, you can expect Gen Zs to pull out all the stops to honor their mothers in unique and creative ways this Mother’s Day. If it’s too late, last-minute gifts for mom might help. 

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