Prep, bake, relax: 21 make-ahead casseroles for a stress-free Sunday

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Turn your Sundays into a day of rest with 21 make-ahead casseroles that promise to make mealtime effortless. These recipes are all about making life easier, featuring everything from comforting breakfast bakes to dinner-ready dishes. Prep earlier in the week, then come Sunday, all that’s required is baking. This collection is the perfect solution for anyone looking to minimize kitchen time and maximize relaxation on the weekend.

Flatlay of stuffed tomatoes with 'lids' on.
Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe. Photo credit: Call Me PMc.

Hashbrown Casserole

Hashbrown casserole being served.
Hashbrown Casserole. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

There’s a dish where crunchy hashbrowns mix with creamy cheese to make a cozy blanket of deliciousness. It’s called the Hashbrown Casserole, perfect for making Sundays easy. Just pop it in the oven and a no-fuss, tasty side is ready in no time.
Get the Recipe: Hashbrown Casserole

Cheesy Cabbage Beef Casserole

Cabbage beef casserole inside cast iron.
Cheesy Cabbage Beef Casserole. Photo credit: Low Carb – No Carb.

Imagine beef and cabbage getting a cheesy makeover in the Cheesy Cabbage Beef Casserole. It’s a warm, hearty mix that makes dinner something to look forward to. Prepare it ahead, and your Sunday meal is a breeze, leaving more time to relax.
Get the Recipe: Cheesy Cabbage Beef Casserole

Dairy-free breakfast casserole

Breakfast casserole on a white plate with more casserole in a pan behind it and a blue linen with steel bowls on top beside it and wooden spoon in front of it.
Dairy-free breakfast casserole. Photo credit: Fitasamamabear.

Breakfast gets a worry-free, dairy-free spin with a casserole that’s all about taste without the dairy. It’s packed with veggies and protein to start the day right. Prep it the day before for a smooth morning that’s all about enjoying the moment.
Get the Recipe: Dairy-free breakfast casserole

Brioche French Toast Casserole

Brioche cubes inside casserole.
Brioche French Toast Casserole. Photo credit: Best Clean Eating.

Sweet brioche bread takes a dip in a rich custard to become a Brioche French Toast Casserole, a breakfast treat that dreams are made of. Assemble it the night before and wake up to a dish that makes the first meal of the day feel like a celebration.
Get the Recipe: Brioche French Toast Casserole

Sour Cream Noodle Bake

Noodles and ground beef are mixed with a cheesy topping together in a creamy casserole.
Sour Cream Noodle Bake. Photo credit: Not Entirely Average.

Sour Cream Noodle Bake is all about layers of creamy, tangy goodness coming together with noodles and beef for a comforting hug in a dish. It’s a prepare-ahead wonder that turns any Sunday dinner into a cozy, tasty gathering without the hassle.
Get the Recipe: Sour Cream Noodle Bake

Meatball Casserole

A casserole dish filled with meatballs and cheese.
Meatball Casserole. Photo credit: Trina Krug.

Take juicy meatballs, layer them with sauce and cheese, and you get the Meatball Casserole. It’s a simple yet hearty dish that’s always a hit, making it perfect for a laid-back Sunday feast. Just bake and serve for an easy meal everyone will dive into.
Get the Recipe: Meatball Casserole

Green Bean Hamburger Casserole

Green bean casserole being served with wooden spoon.
Green Bean Hamburger Casserole. Photo credit: Primal Edge Health.

Green Bean Hamburger Casserole is where green beans, beef, and a creamy touch come together for a meal that feels like a warm hug. It’s great for those days when you want something easy yet fulfilling. Prep ahead for a fuss-free Sunday dinner.
Get the Recipe: Green Bean Hamburger Casserole

Mushroom leek pasta kugel

A plate of pasta with mushrooms and sprigs of dill.
Mushroom leek pasta kugel. Photo credit: At the Immigrant’s Table.

Take a culinary sidestep with Mushroom Leek Pasta Kugel, blending pasta, mushrooms, and leeks for a dish that’s a bit out of the ordinary. It’s perfect for making ahead when you’re craving comfort food with a twist. A definite must-try for cozy dinners.
Get the Recipe: Mushroom leek pasta kugel

Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

A lamb shepherd's pie served in a glass dish.
Lamb Shepherd’s Pie. Photo credit: Renee Nicole’s Kitchen.

With Lamb Shepherd’s Pie, layers of juicy lamb and creamy mashed potatoes promise a meal that warms from the inside out. It’s a classic comfort dish that’s ideal for preparing ahead, ensuring a delicious, stress-free end to the weekend.
Get the Recipe: Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

Cuban Sandwich Casserole

A piece of Cuban sandwich casserole on a plate with potato chips.
Cuban Sandwich Casserole. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Our Cuban Sandwich Casserole turns a beloved sandwich into a dish that’s easy to share and love. With all the classic flavors baked into layers, it’s a make-ahead meal that brings a bit of Havana to your table. Perfect for a no-fuss, flavorful Sunday.
Get the Recipe: Cuban Sandwich Casserole

Chicken Broccoli Potato Casserole

A chicken broccoli potato casserole in a baking dish.
Chicken Broccoli Potato Casserole. Photo credit: The Honour System.

Chicken, broccoli, and potatoes come together under a blanket of cheese in the Chicken Broccoli Potato Casserole. It’s everything you need in one dish, making Sunday meals simple and satisfying. Just bake when you’re ready for a hearty, easy dinner.
Get the Recipe: Chicken Broccoli Potato Casserole

Apple French Toast Casserole

Piece of French toast casserole on a plate with a dusting of powdered sugar and a pitcher of syrup.
Apple French Toast Casserole. Photo credit: Upstate Ramblings.

Wake up to the aroma of cinnamon and apples with the Apple French Toast Casserole. It’s a sweet start to the day that you can prep the night before. Perfect for a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast or brunch with family and friends.
Get the Recipe: Apple French Toast Casserole

Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

Flatlay of stuffed tomatoes with 'lids' on.
Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe. Photo credit: Call Me PMc.

Light, healthy, and colorful, the Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes are a delightful way to enjoy a meal. Filled with tasty quinoa, they’re a joy to make ahead and serve. A beautiful addition to any table, they’re sure to impress with minimal effort.
Get the Recipe: Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

Spaghetti Casserole

A red dish of spaghetti casserole with a fork in it, to the side.
Spaghetti Casserole. Photo credit: Ginger Casa.

Upgrade spaghetti night with a Spaghetti Casserole that everyone will gather around the table for. It’s a warm, welcoming dish that’s a cinch to make ahead, ensuring a relaxing end to your weekend with a family favorite ready to enjoy.
Get the Recipe: Spaghetti Casserole

Cheddar Chicken Bake

Chicken cheddar quinoa casserole in a pyrex dish.
Cheddar Chicken Bake. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Tender chicken meets rich cheddar in the Cheddar Chicken Bake, creating a simple, cheesy delight. It’s the sort of dish that makes Sunday dinners special without spending all day in the kitchen. Prep ahead and look forward to a delicious, easy meal.
Get the Recipe: Cheddar Chicken Bake

Surprise Potatoes

A casserole dish with shredded cheese and a wooden spoon.
Surprise Potatoes. Photo credit: Real Life of Lulu.

Surprise Potatoes hide a delicious secret beneath their golden crust, making them a side dish everyone will be talking about. They’re easy to prepare in advance, ensuring your Sunday feast comes with a side of intrigue and minimal kitchen time.
Get the Recipe: Surprise Potatoes

Ground Beef and Rice Skillet Dinner

A skillet filled with beef, rice and vegetables.
Ground Beef and Rice Skillet Dinner. Photo credit: One Hot Oven.

Bring simplicity and flavor together in one pan with our Ground Beef and Rice Skillet Dinner. It’s hearty, filling, and perfect for a stress-free Sunday. Just cook ahead, heat up, and serve for a dinner that practically takes care of itself.
Get the Recipe: Ground Beef and Rice Skillet Dinner

Easy Cheesy Hamburger Casserole

Easy cheesy hamburger casserole in bowl with onion garnish.
Easy Cheesy Hamburger Casserole. Photo credit: Recipes From Leftovers.

With our Easy Cheesy Hamburger Casserole, you get layers of ground beef, pasta, and cheese that come together in a comforting classic. It’s a crowd-pleaser that’s as simple to make as it is delicious. Prep it ahead for a worry-free weekend feast.
Get the Recipe: Easy Cheesy Hamburger Casserole

Crock Pot Chicken Cordon Bleu

A close up of cheese and cream soup in a crock.
Crock Pot Chicken Cordon Bleu. Photo credit: Little House Big Alaska.

Transform a classic into a hassle-free delight with the Crock Pot Chicken Cordon Bleu. This dish makes elegant dining easy, combining all the traditional flavors in a slow cooker. It’s perfect for those looking for a sophisticated meal without the effort.
Get the Recipe: Crock Pot Chicken Cordon Bleu

Meatloaf Casserole

Meatloaf Casserole. Photo credit: Keto Cooking Wins.

Meatloaf Casserole is a comforting twist on a traditional favorite, combining meatloaf and creamy mashed potatoes in one dish. It’s a hearty, make-ahead meal that brings comfort to any Sunday dinner table.
Get the Recipe: Meatloaf Casserole

Cracker Barrel Squash Casserole Recipe

A pink dish with a squash casserole.
Cracker Barrel Squash Casserole Recipe. Photo credit: Food Plus Words.

Recreate a restaurant favorite with the Cracker Barrel Squash Casserole Recipe. It’s a savory side that pairs perfectly with any main dish. Prepare it ahead of time for a delicious addition to your Sunday feast that everyone will be raving about.
Get the Recipe: Cracker Barrel Squash Casserole Recipe

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