Sugar-free stars: Celebrities embracing a sugar-free lifestyle

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From private jets to private chefs, celebrities have it all — so why have so many of them decided to ditch sugar? In recent years, stars like Kate Hudson, Mariah Carey and Adele have all revealed that reducing added sugars in their diets helps them feel their best. Read on for the inside scoop about how and why these A-list celebs are giving up America’s favorite sweetener.

These celebs have gone sugar-free. Find out why and how you can feel better and healthier just like them. Photo credit: Depositphotos.

What does sugar-free even mean, anyway?

Many popular diets, such as low-carb, keto and the Mediterranean diet, claim to help reduce sugar intake. But when Halle Berry says she’s sugar-free, what does she really mean? There are different interpretations when it comes to going sugar-free, so if you’re thinking about making dietary changes, consider talking to an expert. Sure, you might not have access to TikTok-famous private chefs like @ChefBae or Chef K. But your family doctor, a nutritionist or a dietician can still give you expert advice that’s tailored to your needs.

For most people — including Kourtney Kardashian — a balanced lifestyle includes consuming some sugar in moderation. After all, sugar is a natural component of many foods, such as fruits and milk, that are recommended as part of a healthy diet. Conversely, added sugars are added during food preparation and processing. These added sugars sneak their way into many everyday foods, including soft drinks, breakfast cereals and snack bars. 

Because added sugars and so-called alternatives like high-fructose corn syrup are so common, they can rapidly cause a person to exceed their recommended daily sugar intake. That’s why experts at the American Heart Association, or AHA suggest limiting added sugars to 6 teaspoons per day for most women and 9 teaspoons per day for most men. 

It’s probably no surprise that Americans consume far more than the recommended amount of sugar: about 17 teaspoons per day according to the AHA. Learn how some of the most iconic stars have ditched their sugar habits and what they say about the results.

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Celebs living the sweet life sugar-free

Cutting down on added sugars may be tough at first. However, as these stars’ stories show, there are substantial benefits to reducing added sugars.

All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is a sugar-free diet

Mariah Carey’s voice may be as sweet as an angel’s, but this singer apparently swears by her sugar-free eating habits. According to Hollywood Life, Carey has entirely cut out processed sugar, preferring to snack on blueberries or mangoes instead. Her diet also emphasizes clean, whole foods, such as vegetables, creative salads and lean proteins.

Although she prioritizes a healthy diet, Carey apparently doesn’t weigh herself. She also makes room for indulgences, like her ritual of enjoying a glass of red or white wine at the end of the day.

Trina Krug, MS, CDSP, warns against the dangers of sugar: “With the rise of metabolic syndrome and related health issues, eliminating sugar has never been more crucial. Start by cutting out highly processed foods like bread, pasta and baked goods, especially those with added sugars. Transition to real, whole foods; you’ll quickly notice you feel more energetic and clear-headed. Once you feel these changes, you’ll never want to go back!”

Kourtney Kardashian’s diet secrets

As you might expect, Kourtney Kardashian has a whole host of tips for staying fit. When it comes to her diet, Kardashian reportedly avoids sugar. To do so, she abstains from soda and prepares her own salads at home. 

One tip Kardashian apparently swears by is seeking out alcoholic drinks that are low in sugar. “When I do drink, I go for either tequila on the rocks, beer or wine,” she told PEOPLE. But Kardashian also knows the importance of doing everything in moderation. For example, she recently celebrated her 45th birthday with a feast at IHOP that included a lavish cake and sweet drinks. 

“Indulging every once in a while is self-care. Whether you follow a strict diet or not, we all deserve days off. No guilt and no boundaries,” Kardashian explained to The Sun.

Adele on the importance of consistency and body positivity

Adele has been transparent about the fact that if you’re looking to improve your health, what you eat is just one part of the puzzle. Case in point: she attributed her much-publicized weight loss to regular exercise, not a diet.

However, Adele also reportedly made the decision to cut down her daily amount of added sugar. While she still indulges in sweet treats now and again, the singer has ditched her former habit of drinking ten sugary cups of tea per day, according to the Daily Mail. As a result of the change, she now has “more energy than ever.”

How Kate Hudson beat the sugar cravings

A few years ago, Kate Hudson opened up to the Daily Mail about the fact that she had been craving sugar “like an addict” on a daily basis. According to the actress, simply being aware of her sugar intake was an important first step to making healthy changes.

For most people, enjoying sweet treats in moderation is part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. But if, like Hudson, you feel like you’re being overwhelmed by cravings, there are some changes you can implement. Try incorporating new habits after mealtime, like yoga or reality TV, to avoid post-dinner sugar cravings. Other strategies could include savoring smaller portions more mindfully.

Halle Berry discusses living with diabetes

Halle Berry, who was diagnosed with diabetes as a young adult, has shared how she transformed her diet to better serve her health. An important part of her meal plan is avoiding processed sugars by relying on substitutes like Xylitol.

Berry, now 57, has noted that she has become more conscious of what she eats as she gets older. She focuses on incorporating clean foods and grilled meats into her diet: for example, Good Housekeeping noted that “wonderful fresh vegetables, chicken, fresh fish and pasta” often grace her plate.

How Tom Hanks broke away from unhealthy diet routines

Tom Hanks has been honest about how his type 2 diabetes diagnosis served as a wake-up call for him to break away from unhealthy eating and exercise habits. The actor didn’t mince words, calling himself a “total idiot” during an interview with the Radio Times for being careless with his health. 

Although Hanks now exercises regularly and takes his diet seriously, he also referenced occasionally “cheating” on his meal plan during that same interview, acknowledging that no one can eat perfectly all the time. It seems like Hanks relies on sugar-free swaps to maintain balance. 

Adjusting to the sugar-free lifestyle

From Halle Berry’s emphasis on clean eating to Mariah Carey’s love of fresh fruit, Hollywood is full of inspiration for anyone hoping to make some healthy adjustments to their diet.

Reducing your sugar intake might not be easy, though. If you’re looking to make some lifestyle changes, steel yourself for mood swings, lower energy levels and the mental battle of changing your habits.

The good news is that there’s plenty of support and guidance out there for anyone who wants to cut down on sugar. For example, Diabetes UK and the American Health Association have plenty of tips, including reducing sugar gradually, adding fruits to your plate and enhancing food with spices instead.

As British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley put it during a chat with InStyle, ditching sugar isn’t easy, but it can pay off. “I’m not gonna lie, it’s been brutal, it’s been a really big challenge,” she said. “It took a couple weeks to kind of get into it. I’ve been doing it now for about six weeks and I feel fantastic.”

“I can feel it in my skin, I can feel it in my body, I feel lean right now and I feel strong and I feel energized.” What could be sweeter than that?

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