TGI seafood! 21 fishtastic Friday night dinners

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Ready to make your Friday nights stand out? Let’s talk seafood – the kind that turns a regular evening into something special. These aren’t just any meals; they’re a way to travel through taste, bringing the seaside right to your doorstep. These meals are all about celebrating the best flavors the ocean has to offer. It’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend, giving you a taste of something different and deliciously memorable.

Osyter bake casserole on table with linen and herbs.
The Perfect Brunch Oyster Bake. Photo credit: At the Immigrant’s Table.

Maple Mustard Air Fryer Frozen Salmon

Maple mustard air fryer frozen salmon filet with broccolini on a plate.
Maple Mustard Air Fryer Frozen Salmon. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Maple Mustard Air Fryer Frozen Salmon introduces a unique blend of sweet and tangy flavors, bringing new life to salmon dinners. Utilizing the air fryer, this dish offers a hassle-free cooking method that results in perfectly cooked salmon every time.
Get the Recipe: Maple Mustard Air Fryer Frozen Salmon

Seafood Pasta Salad

Seafood pasta salad in white serving bowl.
Seafood Pasta Salad. Photo credit: Little Bit Recipes.

Refreshing and packed with flavors, this Seafood Pasta Salad combines crisp vegetables and a medley of seafood tossed in a creamy dressing. It’s the ideal dish for picnics or a simple, satisfying lunch that seafood enthusiasts will adore for its variety and zest.
Get the Recipe: Seafood Pasta Salad

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo

Shrimp stuffed into soft corn tortillas with lime wedges on the side.
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo. Photo credit: All Ways Delicious.

Bringing the taste of Mexico to your kitchen, Camarones al Mojo de Ajo features shrimp sautéed in a rich garlic and lime sauce. It’s an uncomplicated dish that promises a burst of flavor, perfect for a quick dinner or a flavorful starter to share.
Get the Recipe: Camarones al Mojo de Ajo

Mediterranean Cod

Mediterranean cod on a rectangular platter.
Mediterranean Cod. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Drawing inspiration from the sea, Mediterranean Cod melds the flavors of ripe tomatoes, olives, and a hint of lemon for a dish that’s both nourishing and fulfilling. This light, yet flavorful meal is a testament to the simple pleasures of Mediterranean cooking.
Get the Recipe: Mediterranean Cod

Brown Butter Scallop Pasta

A serving of pasta topped with a seared scallops and a sage brown butter sauce.
Brown Butter Scallop Pasta. Photo credit: Renee Nicole’s Kitchen.

Indulge in the richness of Brown Butter Scallop Pasta, where golden scallops meet their match in a nutty, browned butter sauce twirled with pasta. This dish elevates a simple dinner into a luxurious dining experience, perfect for those moments when you’re seeking something special.
Get the Recipe: Brown Butter Scallop Pasta

Salmon Lemon Herb Butter Sauce

Two salmon fillets with lemon sauce on a white plate.
Salmon Lemon Herb Butter Sauce. Photo credit: Keto Cooking Wins.

Enjoy the elegance of perfectly cooked salmon topped with a Lemon Herb Butter Sauce, a dish that combines the richness of butter with the freshness of lemon and herbs. This recipe offers a sophisticated yet simple way to enjoy salmon, ideal for a memorable meal.
Get the Recipe: Salmon Lemon Herb Butter Sauce

Shrimp Yaki Udon

A white bowl of shrimp yaki udon with wooden chopsticks.
Shrimp Yaki Udon. Photo credit: Two Cloves Kitchen.

Shrimp Yaki Udon is a stir-fried marvel, blending juicy shrimp with thick udon noodles and crisp vegetables in a savory sauce. This dish is a comforting, hearty option for anyone looking to enjoy a quick and tasty twist on traditional Japanese cuisine.
Get the Recipe: Shrimp Yaki Udon

Air Fryer Cod

Air fryer cod fillets without breading topped with lemon and herbs.
Air Fryer Cod. Photo credit: Upstate Ramblings.

Discover the convenience and crispiness of Air Fryer Cod, a healthy option for those busy weeknights. This dish proves that delicious, flaky cod can be prepared with minimal fuss, making it a go-to for a quick and satisfying meal.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Cod

Charleston Shrimp And Grits With Crab Gravy

A large shrimp in a sea of crab gravy atop cheese grits.
Charleston Shrimp And Grits With Crab Gravy. Photo credit: Not Entirely Average.

If you’re into hearty Southern dishes, Charleston Shrimp and Grits with Crab Gravy is a standout choice. It’s a mix of tender shrimp, creamy grits, and a unique crab gravy that brings a bit of Charleston right to your plate. Perfect for a special meal, this dish is a comforting pick that’s bound to impress.
Get the Recipe: Charleston Shrimp And Grits With Crab Gravy

The Perfect Brunch Oyster Bake

Osyter bake casserole on table with linen and herbs.
The Perfect Brunch Oyster Bake. Photo credit: At the Immigrant’s Table.

Upgrade your brunch with The Perfect Brunch Oyster Bake, a luxurious dish that combines the rich flavors of oysters with a creamy, cheesy topping. Baked to golden perfection, it’s a decadent choice that promises to make any brunch gathering unforgettable.
Get the Recipe: The Perfect Brunch Oyster Bake

Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Skewers of vegetables and shrimp on a grill.
Grilled Shrimp Skewers. Photo credit: Low Carb – No Carb.

Fire up the grill for Grilled Shrimp Skewers, a straightforward yet delightful way to enjoy shrimp. Marinated and grilled to perfection, these skewers are a hit for any BBQ or family dinner, offering a smoky flavor that’s hard to beat.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Tuna Stuffed Avocados

A glass bowl of tuna salad with pickles and multiple avocados stuffed with the salad around it.
Tuna Stuffed Avocados. Photo credit: Fitasamamabear.

Tuna Stuffed Avocados offer a light, nutritious meal option, featuring ripe avocados filled with a flavorful tuna mixture. This no-cook dish is as easy to prepare as it is delicious, making it an ideal choice for a quick lunch or a healthy snack.
Get the Recipe: Tuna Stuffed Avocados

Air Fryer Salmon Bites

Air Fryer Salmon Bites and a salad on a plate with a fork.
Air Fryer Salmon Bites. Photo credit: Ginger Casa.

For a fun and easy way to enjoy salmon, try Air Fryer Salmon Bites. These little nuggets are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and perfect for dipping. They’re a great snack or addition to any meal, especially when you’re looking for a quick seafood fix.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Salmon Bites

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

A bacon wrapped shrimp being held up over the platter of shrimp.
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. Photo credit: Little House Big Alaska.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp is the ultimate combo of smoky bacon wrapped around juicy shrimp, creating an irresistible appetizer or side dish. This simple yet flavorful recipe is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser, offering a savory treat that’s surprisingly easy to make.
Get the Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Cajun Seafood Rice Casserole

Shrimp and rice in a skillet.
Cajun Seafood Rice Casserole. Photo credit: Call Me PMc.

Experience the bold flavors of the South with a dish that’s as comforting as it is flavorful. A Cajun Seafood Rice Casserole blends spicy Cajun seasoning, a variety of seafood, and fluffy rice into one delicious bake. It’s the perfect meal for anyone looking to add a bit of Southern flair to their dinner routine.
Get the Recipe: Cajun Seafood Rice Casserole

Sushi Bake

A casserole dish filled with vegetables.
Sushi Bake. Photo credit: Food Plus Words.

Sushi Bake deconstructs the classic sushi roll into a warm, delectable casserole. It’s an inventive take on sushi that combines all the beloved flavors in a shareable format, making it a perfect dish for gatherings or a family meal. Dive into this comforting bake for a unique sushi experience.
Get the Recipe: Sushi Bake

Quick Baked Salmon With Mayo

Salmon fillets stacked on a plate with lemons and herbs in the background.
Quick Baked Salmon With Mayo. Photo credit: Thriving In Parenting.

For a meal that’s as easy as it is delicious, try slathering a creamy mayo mixture over salmon before baking. The result is a Quick Baked Salmon with Mayo that comes out moist and flavorful every time, perfect for those nights when you want a fancy dinner without the fuss.
Get the Recipe: Quick Baked Salmon With Mayo

Avocado Tuna Salad

An avocado shell stuffed with avocado tuna salad.
Avocado Tuna Salad. Photo credit: The Honour System.

Combine the creaminess of ripe avocados with the light, refreshing taste of tuna for a salad that’s both nutritious and satisfying. Avocado Tuna Salad is a simple, yet delicious dish that’s ideal for a quick lunch or a healthy snack, blending great taste with beneficial ingredients.
Get the Recipe: Avocado Tuna Salad

Mussels in Cream Sauce

A person holding a bowl of steamed mussels.
Mussels in Cream Sauce. Photo credit: Sage Alpha Gal.

Indulge in the rich, luxurious taste of Mussels in Cream Sauce, where tender mussels swim in a velvety cream sauce. This dish is a treat for anyone wanting to enjoy a bit of indulgence, offering a taste of fine dining without leaving home.
Get the Recipe: Mussels in Cream Sauce

Spinach Salmon Burgers

A picture of Keto Spinach Salmon Burgers with cheddar cheese.
Spinach Salmon Burgers. Photo credit: Primal Edge Health.

Transform your usual burger night with Spinach Salmon Burgers, a healthy alternative that doesn’t skimp on flavor. These burgers mix succulent salmon with vibrant spinach, creating a meal that’s both nutritious and delicious. They’re a fantastic option for any BBQ or casual gathering.
Get the Recipe: Spinach Salmon Burgers

Easy Baked Walleye Recipe with Lemons and Almonds

A plate of almond-crusted walleye or pickerel fish fillets with a fork and lemon.
Easy Baked Walleye Recipe with Lemons and Almonds. Photo credit: Recipes From Leftovers.

Bringing together the delicate flavors of walleye with the brightness of lemon and the nutty crunch of almonds, this Easy Baked Walleye dish is both simple and sophisticated. It’s the perfect choice for a light, flavorful dinner that doesn’t require hours in the kitchen.
Get the Recipe: Easy Baked Walleye Recipe with Lemons and Almonds

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