Little cupids unite: Valentine’s Day games for kids

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Valentine’s Day is a time for love and affection, and there’s no reason the kids can’t join in on the fun. Embrace the spirit of the holiday with these engaging Valentine’s Day games for kids that will transform your celebration into a heartwarming expression of love and care for one another.

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Are you an educator in search of engaging activities for little cupids to enjoy at school? Or are you a parent planning family-friendly games for your cozy home celebration? Choose a Valentine’s Day game that suits your needs from this treasure trove of ideas to turn an ordinary day into a joyous occasion of cherished moments with the kids.

Valentine’s Day games for school

For educators, these Valentine’s Day games are a great way to foster a warm and inclusive classroom atmosphere. Students can celebrate the holiday while also learning the important values of love, friendship and cooperation in class.

1. Pin the heart on the fox

This is a lighthearted and amusing game that adds a touch of humor to the classroom. As kids take aim at getting that heart in the right spot, it’s all smiles and giggles.

How to play:

  • Hang up a large Valentine’s fox poster on the wall.
  • Blindfold each student before their turn.
  • Hand them the heart stickers.
  • Spin them around a few times for added challenge.
  • Encourage them to try and pin the heart sticker as close to the fox’s heart as they can.
  • Whoever gets closer to the heart wins.

2. Valentine’s Day craft competition

Encourage creativity and artistic expression by organizing a craft competition. Kids can make Valentine’s Day cards, heart-shaped crafts or other love-themed creations.

How to play:

  • Provide art supplies such as paper, markers, stickers, popsicle sticks and glue.
  • Instruct kids to create their own Valentine’s Day craft.
  • Set a time limit for crafting.
  • Have a panel of judges or let the kids vote for the best craft.
Love monster Valentine's day craft.
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3. Valentine’s Day Pictionary

A heartfelt variation on the classic game. Players draw and guess Valentine’s-related words or phrases, fostering teamwork and moments of shared celebration.

How to play:

  • Write down Valentine’s-themed words or phrases on pieces of paper.
  • Divide players into two teams.
  • One player from each team draws a word or phrase without speaking.
  • Their team members try to guess what it is within a time limit.
  • The team with the most correct guesses wins.

4. Compliment Exchange

Students draw classmates’ names and write heartfelt compliments or notes to brighten their day. This will help reinforce a culture of kindness and positive communication.

How to play:

  • Each student draws a classmate’s name from a container.
  • Everyone is given 10 minutes to write a compliment or a friendly note to the selected classmate.
  • Compliments need to be specific and well-thought.
  • The notes are exchanged anonymously.
  • Each student reads out loud the note they received to the whole class.

5. Valentine’s Day bingo

Organize a game of bingo with a Valentine’s Day twist. Create bingo cards featuring love-themed images or phrases, and call out the corresponding items for kids to mark on their cards.

How to play:

  • Distribute Valentine’s Day bingo cards to each child.
  • Prepare a set of small Valentine’s-themed objects as calling cards.
  • Call out the objects, and kids mark them on their bingo cards.
  • The first child to complete a row or pattern shouts “bingo!” and wins.

Valentine’s Day games for home

Turn your home into a hub of love and laughter with these heartwarming games. From treasure-filled scavenger hunts to heart art in the snow, these activities provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable and affectionate Valentine’s Day celebration with your family.

6. Love letter scavenger hunt

Hide love letters or Valentine’s Day treats around the house. Then, create a fun scavenger hunt with clues for the kids to follow.

Valentines Scavenger Hunt Clues
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How to play:

  • Write clues or riddles that lead to hidden love letters or treats.
  • Provide the first clue to the players, leading them to the next clue.
  • Players follow the clues until they find all the hidden items.
  • The player who finds the most items wins.

‘‘We do a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt. My husband and I buy two presents each for our girls, but to find them, they must solve riddles on the back of red hearts to find the spot where they’re hidden. It keeps it fun and fresh instead of just giving them to them.”

— Shelby, Fit As A Mama Bear

9. Heart art in the snow

If you have snow on Valentine’s Day, let the kids express their creativity by building heart-shaped snow sculptures and decorating them with food coloring. This will add a touch of wintry charm to your holiday celebration.

How to play:

  • Create teams or let the kids build individually.
  • Provide snow sculpting tools and food coloring.
  • Set a timer and let the creativity flow.
  • Once time is up, have a judging panel or let the group vote on the best snow sculpture.
A red heart is shaped out of snow.
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7. Loved-themed cooking challenge

This game would work great for older kids. Turn the kitchen into a love-themed cooking competition. Kids can team up or work individually to create Valentine’s Day-inspired dishes or desserts, showcasing their culinary creativity.

How to play:

  • Provide a selection of ingredients, recipes and cooking utensils.
  • Assign each child or team a dish to prepare, such as heart-shaped cookies or a love-themed breakfast.
  • Presentation is the key factor in winning the competition.

‘‘My kids love to see who can make the highest stack out of candy hearts before it falls over. They enjoy the competition, but they also cheer each other on.”

— Heidi, Real Life of Lulu

8. Valentine’s Day story chain

Begin a storytelling chain where each family member contributes a part of a love-themed story, passing it on to the next person. It’s a unique way to spark imagination and collaboration.

How to play:

  • Start the story with a love-related sentence or phrase.
  • Each person adds a part of the story, building upon the previous contributions.
  • Continue until the story reaches a satisfying conclusion.

One last thing

As you explore these Valentine’s Day games, you’ll discover that celebrating love and togetherness doesn’t require extravagant gestures. It’s the simple moments of laughter, affection and shared experiences that truly make this holiday special. 

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