Top 10 tips for using long shelf-life foods

Are you looking for ways to reduce food waste, build up your pantry stores and create budget-friendly meals? If so, consider long shelf-life foods.

These foods don't just last a long time without refrigeration; they also offer excellent value for your money.

Understanding how to include long shelf-life foods in your daily menu can help you plan your meals, eat well on a budget and prepare for situations that could impact your ability to buy food.

Long-shelf-life foods offer two main benefits to households.

First, they offer economic value. By buying foods that last longer, you can buy in bulk and take advantage of sales, ultimately saving money on food.

Second, they help reduce household food waste and negative environmental impact.

Grains, canned goods, dried legumes and preserved foods are long-shelf-life foods particularly well-suited to North American households.

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