Weekend gardener: 10 terrific summer gardening projects

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A gardener's hat, watering can, gardening tools and flowers on a wooden table.
Gardening tools. Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Has your work week got you beat with no time to garden? Don’t despair. Become a weekend gardener, choose one of these 10 easy projects to tackle each summer weekend and watch your garden bloom into a peaceful backyard retreat.

Fun DIY gardening projects

Sometimes the weather may not cooperate with your weekend gardening plans. In that case, why not get the whole family involved in a fun DIY gardening project indoors? Use these ideas to create garden accent pieces, planters, and fun upcycled garden ornaments.
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Plant a potager garden

It isn’t too late in the season to plant a small potager garden. Grab a few tomato plants, pepper plants, herbs or even potatoes and start a small vegetable garden for your family this weekend.
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Deer proof your garden

A deer eats a flower in a garden.
Deer in garden. Photo credit: Depositphotos.

They may look peaceful and docile but deer are destructive if they get into your garden. Make plans to deer-proof your garden this weekend before they take a bite out of your vegetables.
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Make DIY planters

You’ll love this idea if you’ve gasped at the price tag on pretty planters at your local garden center. Make your own DIY planters with upcycled pots, dinnerware, rubber boots and more. Learn how here.
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Vertical gardening

Maybe you’re new to gardening or don’t have room for a backyard garden. Get creative and start your vertical garden on your patio or balcony this weekend.
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Make homemade natural fertilizers

Homegrown radishes grown with natural fertilizer.
Homegrown radishes. Photo credit: An Off Grid Life.

You worked hard to grow your garden naturally, and you want to avoid costly and chemical-laden fertilizers. Learn about seven different easy-to-make homemade natural fertilizers made with ingredients you likely already have at home.
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Build a pallet fence

If you need a fence but are short on time and money, a pallet fence could be the answer. Get tips on where to find free pallets and how to build one for your weekend gardener project.
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Build a cinder block garden

Need a garden in a hurry but don’t have good soil? Or maybe you don’t have any soil at all – just pavement. Create a raised garden with cinder blocks, bags of potting soil, and seedlings in just hours.
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Save tomato seeds for next year’s garden

Roma tomatoes grown from saved seeds in a white bowl.
Roma tomatoes grown from saved seeds. Photo credit: An Off Grid Life.

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Construct a cold frame

It’s hot now, but eventually, autumn will bring cooler weather. Plan ahead to extend your growing season and start building cold frames to protect your vegetables when the cold winds blow.
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