The revolution of food trends in 2024

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Fruit roll-up ice cream and cottage cheese on everything were unexpected food fads that took the internet by storm in 2023. While the next viral recipe in 2024 remains uncertain, there are predictions about upcoming food trends that will change your dining experiences. How will these trends change the way you eat?

In anticipation of the upcoming 2024 food trends, a bottle of zesty ginger juice complements the elegant display on a sleek marble table.
Ginger-turmeric shots, low-carb pasta, dehydrated vegetable snacks, sustainable foods and more food trends in 2024. Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Low-carb pasta rides the wellness wave

According to the Mintel 2024 Global Food and Drink Trends report, consumers are becoming more conscious of what they’re putting in their bodies. Highly processed foods are now perceived by many as the enemy as people seek healthier dietary options such as low-carb pasta. 

Mintel’s report also found that one of the main motivations behind this dietary shift is the push for healthy aging from Gen X, who are currently in their mid-40s to late 50s. Gen X’s desire for foods that will help them age gracefully is clear in their spending habits.

With consumers seeking less processed alternatives to their favorite dishes, low-carb pasta recipes have risen in popularity. To replace the traditional white flour-rich pasta, carb-conscious options are made with vegetables, nuts, edamame and even kelp. Low-carb pasta contains more protein and fiber and it proves that you can eat healthy and still enjoy a delicious bowl of pasta.

In 2024, it’s all about getting up close and personal with your food. My subscribers are increasingly interested in ditching the middlemen and buying straight from local producers. This choice brings the benefits of knowing exactly where your food comes from, supporting your community, and even saving some bucks along the way.

–– Jessica Haggard, Primal Edge Health

Energy booster shots as a morning ritual

You may make a face when you take your first ginger-turmeric shot, but it is jam-packed with health benefits. Ginger-turmeric shots are popular for their anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and immunity-boosting properties. 

Wellness shots are concentrated sources of nutrition, often taken to boost immune function. They offer a convenient way to get essential nutrients, especially when traveling or for health-conscious individuals with limited time to cook.

A wellness shot is a superfood pick-me-up and immune booster that’s especially appealing during cold and flu season. This ginger-turmeric shot recipe is easy to incorporate into your routine, requires only a few ingredients and is simple to make at home. 

Crunching on dehydrated vegetable-based snacks

For many, snacks are essential to tide them over until the next meal. The trick is resisting the temptation to reach for your favorite bag of chips and choose healthier alternatives.

Snackers have resorted to making dehydrated zucchini chips and using other creative recipes to pull back on highly processed products. The emergence of the air fryer has made it even easier to create delicious dehydrated snacks. In just a few steps, you get a crispy, flavorful and low-carb snack that you won’t feel guilty munching on.

Food globalization comes at a culinary crossroads

The global culinary landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, with food traditions transcending borders as first-generation individuals blend the comfort foods of their parents’ culture with the American cuisine they’ve become accustomed to. The outcome is an innovative fusion of ingredients, techniques, and flavors from different parts of the world, commonly referred to as third-culture cuisine. 

According to marketing communications firm af&co. and Carbonate, restaurants are popping up across America that are gaining popularity for their interesting use of ingredients from different cultures. Ramen Del Barrio is a restaurant that specializes in Japanese Mexican ramen owned by a chef who grew up in the US and Mexico. The chef was inspired by his cultural influences to combine two unlikely flavor profiles that have won over the community.

The new generation of third-culture kids are becoming chefs who are exploring flavor combinations and pushing traditional boundaries like never before. Ramen Del Barrio is just one example of innovative restaurants that are set to come. 

The push for sustainability in every bite

The consequences of unethical and irresponsible food production have placed a growing emphasis on food sustainability. The United Nations estimates that more than one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the food system. 

The good news is that food practices are evolving as consumers adopt more sustainable diets with lower environmental impact. Rising interest in local food helps reduce emissions from transportation and packaging and protects the food supply.

Eco-friendly food brands like the Thai fruit juice brand Doi Kham are introducing innovative solutions to minimize their carbon footprint. Doi Kham’s new ice pop line is sold at room temperature and frozen at home, reducing energy consumption during transport. This increasing focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in food distribution will usher in more and more sustainable food choices. 

Embrace the change

In 2024, food trends are shifting toward wellness, cultural influence and sustainability. Seeking alternatives to highly processed foods, low-carb pasta, home-made dehydrated snacks and wellness shots will take center stage in consumers’ diets. Globalization will further the rise of cross-culinary pollination and advocate for food sustainability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Get ready to experience all the positive changes happening in the world of food with your palate. Here’s to embracing a healthier, more diverse and sustainable culinary landscape. 

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