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National Snack Food Month first began in 1989 with the aim of celebrating and promoting the snack food industry. The idea behind this special month is to recognize the significance of snacks in our daily lives and their role as a source of enjoyment and convenience.

In honor of National Snack Month, a woman joyfully retrieves a delicious sandwich from her lunch box.
Shake up your snacktime routine during National Snack Month. Try new flavors, swap snack recipes and more. Photo credit: Depositphotos.

The choice of February for National Snack Food Month is not arbitrary; it’s tied to an interesting fact. This month was selected due to its association with snacking during major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl. In fact, according to SNAC International, Americans eat 112 million pounds of snacks on Super Bowl Sunday.

The idea behind this special month is to recognize the significance of snacks in our daily lives and their role as a source of enjoyment and convenience. There are many ways to celebrate National Snack Food Month in a fun and tasty way. Here, you’ll find seven different activities you may want to try.

Daily snack sampling

You can try a different snack every day throughout February. This could be an opportunity to satisfy your cravings while also discovering new and exciting snacks that you haven’t tried before. From classic favorites like popcorn and pretzels to more adventurous options like seaweed snacks or air fryer pasta chips, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Make it more fun by sharing your snack adventures on social media platforms using hashtags like #SnackFoodMonth or #FavoriteSnack. This is a great way to spread the love for snacks, connect with others who share your passion and even discover new snack ideas from people all around the world.

Snack tasting events

Plan a whole week filled with delightful snack-tasting events. Imagine having different activities each day, like creating your own trail mix or taste-testing various healthy snacks. You could also organize fun games and competitions centered around snacks, making the entire week exciting for everyone involved.

For example, you could host a snack creation day where participants get to craft their unique snack combinations using any provided ingredients. Then on another day, you could have a healthy vs. indulgent snacks showdown, encouraging people to try both and vote for their favorites.

Share easy-to-follow recipes

Spread the joy of homemade snacks by sharing simple recipes on social media platforms or in newsletters. For instance, you could provide step-by-step instructions for making no-bake energy bites or air fryer strawberries.

Encourage others to share their creations online using a specific hashtag so that everyone can see the diverse range of snacks being made at home. This will inspire more people to get involved in celebrating National Snack Month creatively.

Homemade snack recipe contest

To add an extra layer of excitement, consider hosting a homemade snack recipe contest where individuals can submit their most inventive snack ideas. Offer prizes for the most innovative entries such as a gift basket filled with various cooking essentials or perhaps a set of adorable cookie cutters.

Snack month gives me an excuse to try new recipes that I’ve been meaning to make. I also love going to Whole Foods, checking out their snack selection, and then seeing what I can recreate at home. It’s resulted in some creative kitchen projects that have helped us find some of our new favorite foods.

— Gen La Rocca, Two Cloves Kitchen

Explore international flavors

Shop at various international grocery stores or specialty food markets in your area. You’ll find unique snacks from different parts of the world, such as Japanese rice crackers, Mexican spicy candies or frozen Filipino banana lumpia. Visiting these stores allows you to discover a wide array of snack options that go beyond the typical choices found in regular supermarkets. 

Host a snack-themed party

Want to make National Snack Month memorable? Consider hosting a snack-themed party. Invite your friends or family over and ask them to bring their favorite snacks. It’s an excellent way to discover new treats and share your favorites with others. You can even turn it into a competition by voting for the best snack.

To make it more exciting, set up a DIY snack bar where everyone can create their own customized snacks. Provide various toppings like chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts and different types of dips. This allows everyone to get creative with their snacks while having fun experimenting with flavors.

No party is complete without some entertaining activities. For your snack-inspired gathering, consider incorporating games related to snacks. A blind taste test can be both hilarious and intriguing as participants try to guess the mystery snacks while blindfolded. Organizing a snack trivia quiz where guests can test their knowledge about popular snacks or food facts is also a fun idea.

Healthy snacking

Ditch the junk foods and only eat healthy snacks during the whole month. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Department recommends choosing snacks that are low in sugar, fat and salt. Ideally, you’ll want to pick foods that have between 100 to 200 calories for a serving like fruit or yogurt.

No matter how you decide to celebrate National Snack Month, have fun with it and try to get others to join in. There are plenty of snack choices to fit everyone’s diet and lifestyle.

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