5 Hidden Speakeasies in Las Vegas to Discover

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If you’re looking for a different side of Las Vegas, hunting out the best modern-day speakeasies is a fun-filled experience. Savor a unique taste of history and mixology in a fun atmosphere hidden from the Strip. 

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In the age of Prohibition (1920 to 1933), Las Vegas was run by mobsters. As society was cracking down on the sale and consumption of alcohol, the remote desert city welcomed bootleggers to distribute their illegal alcohol here. This element of the town’s origin story, casting it as a place of vice and sin from its beginnings, planted the roots that would ultimately make Vegas the world’s destination for gambling, entertainment, and indulgence. 

Prohibition-era speakeasies were hidden spots tucked into everyday places where one could let loose, indulge, and buy and sell alcohol. These establishments got their name from patrons speaking quietly about their location to avoid attracting police attention. They existed in cities and towns all over the US, but Vegas, perhaps, had more than its fair share.

Nowadays, a speakeasy is often a bespoke and sometimes hidden, quiet bar offering top-quality craft cocktails. The vibe sets the mood of a bygone era. These establishments offer unique, intimate, and exclusive atmospheres. Most importantly, they give customers the thrill of discovering a “secret,”, something a bit different in a city filled with entertainment options. 

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Top Hidden Speakeasies in Las Vegas 

Not all of the bars on this list are hard to find, but they all embrace what it means to be a speakeasy with the best atmosphere, fun, and libations. 

The Laundry Room

This tiny, hidden speakeasy is known for its carefully crafted cocktails. If you want the best craft cocktails, this place, located next to Commonwealth Bar on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, is a must.  Low lighting and a moody vibe create a nostalgic and romantic ambiance. The menu at The Laundry Room features 27 classic cocktails and innovative creations with high-quality ingredients and served with finesse. 

Discovering the Laundry Room is a memorable experience, but note that reservations are required, there’s often a waitlist, and there is a dress code. You can’t trip and fall into this bespoke joint, and they want to keep it that way. So be sure to call ahead before trying to uncover its whereabouts. 

The Velveteen Rabbit

A not-so-hidden bar, The Velveteen Rabbit in the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas, exudes old-school vibes. There’s no hidden entrance — you can walk right in — but with its plush velvet seating and candlelit tables, it’s alluring. 

The innovative menu has a host of expertly crafted cocktails that rotate by season. You’ll even find non-alcoholic cocktails in the mix here.

For those looking for an authentic taste of Las Vegas, the Arts District is home to some of the city’s best restaurants and galleries, and the Velveteen Rabbit is a great spot to experience the energy of the neighborhood. 


Head outside Las Vegas proper for a fun jazz bar and exclusive atmosphere in a place called Gambit in Henderson. It’s a pop culture blend of vintage furnishings and modern art with a speakeasy tucked in. There’s even a hidden entrance disguised as an ordinary door. This tequila and mezcal bar features top-notch classic cocktails and a rotating selection of creative and innovative drinks.

Come for a show at the venue’s intimate live jazz bar, enjoy dinner, and then use the secret password to enter the hidden speakeasy for a whole night of entertainment. 

The Golden Tiki 

Step into a world of Polynesian pop culture with intricate wooden tiki sculptures, tropical greenery, and a unique atmosphere at The Golden Tiki. Known for its truly themed decor, it’s a standout tiki bar a few minutes off the Las Vegas Strip.

Enjoy expertly made tiki-style cocktails with premium ingredients and served in playful vessels that embody the tropical theme. The bar also offers a selection of exotic snacks to pair with the drinks. In addition to the exceptional cocktails and decor, The Golden Tiki regularly hosts live music and other entertainment.

This quirky and wildly fun bar is perfect whether you’re seeking a spot for a night of fun with friends, a special celebration, or a private party. With its exceptional atmosphere, creative cocktails, and unique tropical experience, it’s no wonder The Golden Tiki is considered one of the top tiki bars to visit.

The Franklin

Step out of a hotel lobby and into the exclusive atmosphere and carefully crafted cocktails served at The Franklin. 

With its vintage decor, dark woods, leather seating, and low lighting, The Franklin creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere perfect for a unique and upscale cocktail experience. The menu features classic cocktails with high-quality ingredients and a rotating selection of innovative and creative drinks.

Whether you’re a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or visiting for the first time, The Franklin is an upscale cocktail experience for a memorable and enjoyable night out.

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How to find hidden Speakeasies in Las Vegas

After you spend a day discovering all the free things to do in Las Vegas, set out for an evening of adventure by picking one or two hidden bars on our list to explore. 

Map your route online from happy hour to after-dinner drinks, and grab a fantastic meal in between. Ask the locals about their favorite spots and plan to venture off the Strip. Check in on social media to ensure the location matches the date and hours you plan to visit. 

Pro Tip: When planning a trip to Las Vegas, make time for getting around; it’s a bigger city than just the Strip. Transportation and traffic can cause delays. 

If you’re ready to discover unique atmospheres, secret menu items, Prohibition-era cocktails, and the occasional live, off-strip entertainment, be sure to check out one of the many bespoke speakeasies Las Vegas has to offer. These hidden gems sneak in under the razzle and dazzle of the city’s neon glow but are well worth seeking out.

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