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If you’re tired of the same old wishing-you-joy-and-peace routine, you’re in for a treat. Get ready to sprinkle some laughter on your Christmas celebrations with these funny Christmas wishes that are bound to crack a smile on anyone’s face.

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Funny Christmas wishes for the family

Welcome to the laughter-filled realm of family festivities. In this section, uncover a batch of funny Christmas wishes tailored specifically for your nearest and dearest.

From quirky gatherings to lost gifts, these funny Christmas wishes are crafted to sprinkle the joy of humor over every familial celebration. So, let the laughter begin.

  1. This Christmas, I wish you joy, laughter and a carefully timed exit from awkward family conversations. 
  2. Sending you warm wishes and plenty of holiday cheer, because if I wrapped it, it wouldn’t fit through the door.
  3. May your Christmas be more enjoyable than explaining technology to your grandparents.
  4. May your stocking be stuffed with cash, your tree be decorated with gift cards and your bills be mysteriously paid.
  5. This Christmas, I asked Santa for patience. He delivered a house full of relatives. Thanks, Santa.
  6. Wishing you a Christmas as fit as Santa after a year of shimmying down chimneys.
  7. If Santa’s GPS can’t find your house, just remember it’s not your fault. Even the big guy struggles with technology. Wishing you a Christmas filled with laughter, love and maybe a compass for Santa.
  8. May your family be functional and all your batteries be included this Christmas.
  9. Merry Christmas to the family that makes me laugh, cry and want to pull my hair out all at the same time.
  10. Sending you warm wishes and a reminder that the best thing about family is that you can’t unfriend them.

“My aunt has a wicked sense of humor and always sends me funny Christmas messages. Last year her message read, ‘I bet with your kids running around, it sounds like Jingle Bells, not a lot of Silent Nights.’ Another one she sent me was, ‘The drummer boy brought the worst gift ever. Who brings a drum kit to a baby shower, have you ever met a newborn?’”

— Isabelle, Mama’s Buzz
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For significant other

In the spirit of sharing laughter and spreading joy, these are heartwarming, funny Christmas wishes specially crafted for your significant other because nothing lights up the holiday spirit like a shared chuckle between two hearts wrapped in love.

  1. This Christmas, may our love be the only thing more contagious than holiday cheer, but let’s hope it doesn’t come with a fever.
  2. You’re the best gift I could ever ask for, even though you’re not wrapped with a bow, and I can’t return you if I don’t like you.
  3. They say Christmas is about giving, so here’s your gift: my undivided attention for the entire day. Use it wisely.
  4. Here’s to a Christmas as cozy as our movie marathon sessions, but with fewer “Are you still watching?” interruptions.
  5. This Christmas, let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip. Just kidding — I already ordered us matching ugly sweaters for our family photo session.
  6. This Christmas, I promise not to give you any gifts with assembly required unless duct tape and a prayer count.
  7. Here’s to hoping your Christmas is as magical as the day you finally figured out how to mute your family’s group chat.
  8. This Christmas, I’m giving you a GPS for all the socks you’ve lost. It’s time to end the great sock migration in our house. Merry sock retrieval.
  9. I hope your Christmas is less stressful than figuring out where to hide all the gifts from the kids.
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For kids

From giggles to guffaws, these playful messages are designed to light up young faces and add an extra dash of merriment to the most wonderful time of the year. Get ready for a festive burst of laughter with the kids.

  1. I asked Santa if he could make all your dreams come true. He said he’d do his best, but pet unicorns are on backorder this year.
  2. If Santa doesn’t bring you everything on your list, just remember, he’s probably still trying to figure out how to wrap a pet dinosaur. It’s a logistical nightmare.
  3. May your holiday season be more ho, ho, ho and less no, no, no from your parents.
  4. Santa called in sick, and now the elves are on strike. Looks like Christmas is canceled. Just kidding. Merry Christmas, and don’t worry, Santa’s got it covered.
  5. With a list that long, if presents could talk, they’d probably say, “gift me a break.” You’re lucky Santa is super generous.
  6. This Christmas, I hope you find more hidden presents than there are hidden veggies in your holiday cookies.
  7. If Santa doesn’t show up on time, just remember he might be stuck in chimney traffic. It happens to the best of magical gift-givers.
  8. Why did the Christmas cookie go to school? It wanted to be a smart cookie — just like you. Have a genius-level Christmas.
  9. I hope Santa brings you a mute button for the times your sibling annoys you with too much talking.
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For friends

And lastly, cheer your friends up with these funny Christmas wishes for friends. Because, in all the stress of holidays, laughter is the best medicine.

  1. May your days be merry and your in-laws be temporary.
  2. Wishing you a silent night because your relatives finally took a hint and left.
  3. Wish you to spend Christmas in the Bahamas this year and not in your pajamas. 
  4. Merry Christmas. May your eggnog be spiked, your cookies be calorie-free and your relatives be drama-free.
  5. If laughter is the best medicine, then consider this Christmas card your prescription. Take as needed and have a hilarious holiday.
  6. This year, I hope your Christmas gift from your wife is something different than socks.
  7. May your Christmas be filled with more joy than a dog chasing its tail. Spoiler: It’s endless.

“A friend and her family go all out with their holiday card each year. There’s always a funny theme and photos taken in costume with plenty of props. The cards are over-the-top hilarious, and I always display their card front and center of all the others in my home.”

— Sage Scott, Everyday Wanderer

One last thing

As a wrap-up of this jolly journey through funny Christmas wishes for all, remember that humor is the perfect seasoning for the holiday feast. So, go forth, spread the cheer and may your Christmas be as light-hearted and entertaining as a holiday comedy special. Wishing you a season filled with laughter and merriment.

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