Best games to make your date night sparkle

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Add a burst of fun to date night by incorporating games that enhance playfulness and connectivity. Choose from a variety of enjoyable options that ensure a memorable time.

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Are you looking to elevate your next date night from the same ol’ to something spectacular? Playing games isn’t just an icebreaker; it’s a great way to connect and allow couples to challenge each other’s minds and enjoy each other’s company in a lighthearted setting. Whether it’s a strategic duel to conquer territories or a silly card game that ends in laughter, games will bring excitement and enhance intimacy.

Why incorporate games into date nights?

Incorporating games into date nights brings fun to the table and helps couples connect with their inner child and engage on a deeper level. Part of the fun can be setting the stage for the game night ahead. Making unique beverages and adding the right gaming snacks to the mix can make the night even more delightful, ensuring both minds and appetites are well entertained. Whether you’re looking to challenge each other’s strategic thinking or simply share a laugh, a well-chosen game can make your date night sparkle.

A woman with brown hair playing cards, focusing intently on the game as she sits on stairs opposite another player during their date night.
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Board and card games

The right selection of board and card games can not only slow down the hectic pace of day-to-day life but greatly enhance connectivity and engagement for your date night as well. These selections range from lighthearted to deeply strategic, offering a variety of fun experiences for any couple.

Board games

Fog of Love is a standout board game designed with couples in mind. It’s a role-playing game where players explore a romantic relationship, offering a blend of storytelling and fun strategic decisions. Splendor is another couple’s favorite. It’s a game that is quick to learn and combines luck and strategy, perfect for a series of games in a single night.

For those looking for classic and iconic board game options, Monopoly and Scrabble bring out a competitive edge, while Twister adds a physical twist to game night. Connect 4 keeps it simple yet engaging, and Jenga builds tension with a tower of wooden blocks that requires a delicate touch.

Board games like Battleship, Risk and Forbidden Island offer more strategic play, making for an exciting game night. These games require problem-solving skills and strategic thinking, adding some intellectual engagement to the evening.

Card games

Classic games like Uno and Monopoly Deal offer fun, fast-paced play that’s easy to learn. For more intricate gameplay, Jaipur is an excellent two-player card game that combines strategy and risk-taking.

To keep the night lighthearted, Exploding Kitten is a quirky and humorous card game that’s sure to bring laughter to the night. Five Crowns is a five-suited rummy-style card game known for its unique deck and versatility.

For more adult-themed options, drinking games and Strip Poker can add an edgy twist to the evening. Lastly, We’re Not Really Strangers encourages deeper conversations through thought-provoking questions, encouraging an emotionally engaging date night at home.

“We love to play The Mind on game nights because it’s a great way to connect without actually talking. EXIT: The Game is always a fun choice, as well; it’s like a mini escape room with puzzles that really get us thinking and working together.” 

— Sara Nelson, Real Balanced
A man and a woman smiling at each other while playing a board game on the floor in a bright living room during their date night.
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Interactive entertainment

Date nights can certainly go up a level when you incorporate some of these interactive game options. For the couples that prefer a quicker pace to their game nights, these choices will keep the excitement and engagement high.

Video games

There are near limitless options when it comes to two-player video games that enhance connection and encourage teamwork. Cooperative games like It Takes Two place players in varied, magical scenarios requiring communication to solve intricate problems. Those seeking competitive games have abundant options, from spirited kart races to strategy-based battlegrounds.

On the Nintendo Switch, couples can unwind with cozy games that promote relaxation and companionship. The warm environment of farming simulators, like Stardew Valley, allows couples to work together, building their virtual homestead.

Interactive and role-playing games

Moving away from screens, these interactive game options encourage a physical presence and emotional intimacy. Games like Truth or Dare can range from innocent fun to spicier propositions that enable couples to be vulnerable with each other.

Role-playing games and activities like charades or Would You Rather? provoke the imagination, leading to laughter and a deeper understanding of one another. A karaoke night can transform a living room into a stage, helping break the ice with silly performances or a playful dance-off. 

Lastly, party games, such as the Whisper Challenge, involve guessing phrases and words from lip-reading. This helps create intimate moments and stir up the romantic atmosphere.

“The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition is a fun book that combines travel and activities, including things you can do where you live locally. Some are silly, and some are romantic, but I’m betting they are all things you haven’t done before. The book might even bring you closer together.”

— Kelly Stilwell Food, Food, Fun & Faraway Places

Final thoughts

These date night game ideas can provide hours of enjoyment and a welcome respite from the stereotypical date night outside the home. Whether you want to slow down, unplug and connect over the slower pace of board games or go head-to-head in a fast-paced virtual race, there’s no shortage of fun to be had with these date night ideas.

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