“Hocus Pocus” party ideas for spooktacular witchy fun

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By Tamara

Hey there, all you witches, wizards and magical beings. If you’re a fan of the classic movie “Hocus Pocus,” then you’re in for a real treat. Here are some enchanting “Hocus Pocus” party ideas that are bound to captivate your guests and leave them utterly bewitched.

Three Halloween-themed witches dressed in costumes for a "Hocus Pocus" party.
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“Hocus Pocus” holds a treasured place as a beloved family movie favorite that brings smiles to both young and old. It never fails to conjure up a sense of nostalgia and whimsy, making it the perfect inspiration for a fun Halloween gathering filled with magic and merriment.

Imagine bringing the Sanderson sisters and their mystical mischief to life with a spellbinding party of your own. Whether it’s Halloween, a birthday bash or just a family bonding time when you watch the movie with the kids, elevate the experience by incorporating elements from the movie into your Halloween festivities.

“Hocus Pocus is a yearly family tradition. We all pile in the living room with snacks and drinks and watch it together. We laugh at the same jokes, say the lines out loud, and generally have a good time together as a family. We were thrilled that they made a second movie, and now we have a double-feature movie party.”

— Laura Sampson, Little House Big Alaska

Setting the scene: Transporting your guests to Salem

No “Hocus Pocus” party is complete without capturing the essence of Salem, the bewitching town where the movie unfolds. Transform your space into an enthralling Salem haven with these ideas.

Witchy decor:  Adorn your space with black cats, cauldrons, broomsticks and potion bottles to set the witchy atmosphere. Hang up faux spiderwebs and eerie lighting for an extra touch of spookiness.

Salem signage: Create street signs that give a nod to classical locations in the movie, such as Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage or Thackery Binx’s House. Also, use iconic phrases from the movie for the signs, such as “I put a spell on you”,  “Dance, dance until you die!”, “I smell children”, etc. 

Spooky backdrops: Set up backdrops that resemble the Sanderson sisters’ cottage, complete with creepy windows and a faux potion station.

A witch is making a potion on a table at a "Hocus Pocus"-themed party.
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Magical costumes: Embracing the whimsy

Encourage your guests to embrace their inner witches, wizards and magical creatures by dressing up as their favorite “Hocus Pocus” characters. Here are some costume ideas that will cast a spell on everyone.

Winifred Sanderson: Rock Winifred’s signature green velvet dress, fiery hair and don’t forget her spellbook and broomstick.

Sarah Sanderson: Embrace Sarah’s enchanting allure with a boho-style dress, long flowing hair and a mesmerizing crystal ball.

Mary Sanderson: Capture Mary’s quirky charm by wearing a layered peasant dress, carrying around a vacuum cleaner (for Binx’s sake) and flashing a wicked grin.

Thackery Binx: Transform into the immortal black cat with furry ears, whiskers and a touch of sass. Bonus points for a ’90s vibe.

Max Dennison and Allison: Recreate the modern-day hero and his crush with ’90s-inspired outfits, old jackets and perhaps a black candle for added fun.

Potion party: Concocting mystic treats and drinks

What’s a “Hocus Pocus” party without some otherwordly refreshments? Whip up a cauldron of tantalizing treats and unimaginable drinks that will leave your guests in awe.

Witch’s brew punch: Create a bewitching green punch with lime sherbet, lemon-lime soda and a splash of pineapple juice. Add floating edible eyeballs and blueberries for a creepy touch.

Salem snacks: Put together “Hocus Pocus”-themed snacks, like black cat cookies, witchy fingers and gummy worms.

Graveyard pudding cups: Make spine-tingling graveyard dirt cups decorated with edible worms and tombstone cookies. 

A glass of Halloween dirt pudding with an RIP cookie on top.
Photo credit: Thriving In Parenting.

Spellbook cookies: Bake cookies in the shape of spellbooks and decorate them with edible ink to replicate spells and enchantments.

“Hocus Pocus makes such a fun movie night, no matter the age. There’s something so nostalgic and comforting about rewatching the classic each year. We love to incorporate the characters into fun appetizers, like a festive charcuterie board.” 

— Siobhan Alvarez-Borland, Fun Family Meals

Wickedly fun games and activities

Keep your guests entertained with lively games and activities that pay homage to the movie.

Sanderson sisters trivia: Challenge your guests with a round of Sanderson sisters trivia, where they can showcase their knowledge about the movie’s mischievous trio and the enchanting tales of Salem.

Broomstick races: Create an obstacle course and let your guests race on broomsticks (don’t worry, they’ll be decorative ones) for a hilarious and memorable time.

Spooky crafts: Set up a crafting station where your guests can unleash their creativity by making a cute witch or a crawly spider. Take the crafting excitement up a notch by turning it into a friendly contest, complete with adorable prizes for the most creative and imaginative creations.

Eerie party favors

Send your guests off with a touch of magic by gifting them small bags of delectable candy tied with a tag that reads: A sweet spell to remember. These bewitching treats will leave a lasting charm long after the festivities end.

One last thing

In a world where “Hocus Pocus” reigns supreme, your party is destined to cast a spell that will be remembered for years.

These enchanting “Hocus Pocus” party ideas will bring the movie’s magic to life. So gather your coven of friends and get ready to immerse yourselves in a night of spellbinding fun. Remember, as the Sanderson sisters once said, “It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!”. But in this case, it’s a bunch of magical memories waiting to be made.

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